That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 473

Homecoming Dinner

He closed the door in a split second.

Josie was astonished. Did Anderson misread our posture? She immediately pushed the man away
from her and stood up. She said, “Go… go back and sleep in the master bedroom.”

After that, she opened the door and ran away.

Dexter smiled bitterly as he looked at Josie’s figure. He said softly, “She’s like a child.”

When he came out, Anderson pulled him to one side. “What’s going on? You’re still ill and must restrain
from doing certain things.”

Dexter was annoyed and amused. “You must be kidding.” He patted Anderson’s shoulder. “She’s
embarrassed by you opening the door. Let’s not talk about it.”

Anderson rolled his eyes. “I never thought you were living so happily now!”

Old Mr. Russell went to look for Paul, and they met for the first time. Josie was astonished. Dexter
happened to be sick and couldn’t work, so the two headed to Paul’s residence.

Josie volunteered to drive him.

Dexter sat in the passenger’s seat and smiled in exasperation. “I’m a little worried.”

“I’m a great driver. Don’t worry.” Josie was confident.

“Really? Who got into an accident on the road the last time and then called me and asked for help?” He
said slowly.

Josie blushed. She desperately wanted to gag him.

Dexter smiled as he watched her.

As she was driving, he told her to go to the supermarket.


“To buy groceries.”

Josie was confused.

“I didn’t manage to eat your cooking previously. Now that everyone is gathered, I’ll cook.”

Josie was overwhelmed when she heard what he said. “Wow. What an honor.”

Dexter squeezed her hand as he chided her playfully. “Don’t be weird about it.”

When they arrived, they happened to bump into a familiar figure that came down the stairs. Josie
passed him by without noticing when a voice came from behind her. “.. Sis.”

Josie’s figure stiffened, and Dexter turned around.

He was surprised to see Justin. He wasn’t as scrawny as before and looked much more energetic. At
that moment, he was looking at Josie with a complicated expression.

“How did you know about this place?” Josie asked coldly.

Justin hung his head. “My mom told me…” Then, he quickly added, “But don’t worry. I don’t mean to
disturb you. It’s just that he’s my father too.”

Josie didn’t know how she felt about this younger brother she wasn’t biologically related to as she saw
how remorseful he seemed.

“Since you’re here, come in.”

Dexter held many things in his hands, and Justin wanted to help. He greeted Dexter cautiously.

They had met in Heaven on Earth.

Dexter didn’t say anything except, “Come in.”

Old Mr. Russell was also having tea with Paul on the balcony. They were enjoying themselves.

Paul’s expression changed when he saw Justin behind Josie. He hobbled into his room with his
walking stick. “Come with me.”



Old Mr. Russell called Dexter over. “Why are you here?”

Dexter was amused. “Why? Am I not allowed to be here? Are you the only one who’s allowed to be

Old Mr. Russell had a disdainful expression and immediately said, “You’re finally getting your act
together. This is how a son-in-law should be.”

Dexter enquired about Old Mr. Russell’s health and said, “As a good son-in-law, I’m going to cook. Stay
back and try my cooking.”

Old Mr. Russell looked at Josie in disbelief. “Did you teach this brat to cook?”

Josie’s face flushed, and she pushed Dexter into the kitchen. Grandpa, I’m going to help


The man who usually never stepped foot in the kitchen worked skillfully. Josie instructed him from the
side, and their figures looked extraordinarily warm and sweet.

This was what a loving couple looked like.

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