That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 480

An Uninvited Guest

Josie wanted to put her legs down, but his large hands grabbed hold of them as she was doing so. It
seemed to be about work. He didn’t hide from her and allowed her to cavesdrop. He would occasionally
respond. He was a reserved man,

Josie looked at the man’s exquisite features as he was next to her. With every gesture of his, she could
see how cultured he was.

Her heart raced, and a bold thought suddenly appeared in her mind. Her heart started beating furiously,
and she took a deep breath. She leaned forward forcefully and went close to Dexter. She grabbed his
neck and kissed his lips!

‘Poof! It was as though something went off in his head. The man froze slightly.

He was still holding his cell phone in one hand, and a familiar woman’s voice was heard. She started
getting anxious after not hearing Dexter’s voice for a long time. “Hello? Hello? Mr. Russell? Are you

He forcibly took Josie into his arms, and his actions were so forceful, as if he wanted to devour her.

“Mr. Russell? Are you still there? Is the signal bad?”

Josie finally couldn’t help but laugh when she heard it.

Dexter felt how distracted she was and pulled away slightly. His lips were somewhat flushed. He said
on the phone, “I’ll deal with this later.”

After that, he quickly hung up and threw the cell phone to one side.

As he looked at her, his gaze was bright and dazzling.

He suddenly leaned down and kissed her again.

After some time, Josie lay paralyzed in his arms. She heard his slightly hoarse yet enticing voice. “You
haven’t improved.”

Josie panted. “I don’t have anyone to practice with. Won’t you destroy me if I’ve improved?”

Dexter smiled. He was quickly in a good mood and stood up straight. He picked her up and put her in
his lap. “You drank.”

“I needed to for work. I only drank a little.. Half a glass…”

“Whiskey. At least a full cup, Dexter said with a smirk. “When have you gotten so good at acting coy?”

Josie forcefully changed the topic. “I suddenly remembered. Do you have hot springs here?”

Dexter rose, exasperated, and carried her to the hot spring at the back. Her eyes were still shining as
she sized up everything around her. This is capitalism. How corrupt. It’s too corrupted.”

Dexter scratched the tip of her nose. “Do you like it?”

“Yes.” Her nose started to itch, and she shriveled up, wanting to hide.

He caught hold of her and breathed rapidly. “Stay.”

Larry’s voice was heard from the outside. “We should leave, Mr. RussellTM

Dexter wasn’t in a rush to stand up. He chose a few essential oils that had health benefits before
pouring them into the hot springs. After that, he instructed her, “Wait here for me. We’ll go home


Josie nodded obediently. “Okay.”

The hot spring was comforting. Josie removed her clothes and sat in the hot spring. She heard the
noise outside vanish, and she resumed feeling calm.

Perhaps she was feeling sleepy because it was too warm. She lay in the hot spring and shut her eyes
but opened them when she heard the sound of the door opening. She furrowed her brows. Is Dexter

Light footsteps were heard from the outside.

Josie subconsciously called out. “Is that you, Dexter?”

The footsteps stopped and seemed to turn around as they slowly headed her way.

Josie’s heart pounded when no one answered her. She covered her chest as she looked at the door,
and a familiar figure appeared.

She furrowed her brows tightly, as though she thought it was unimaginable. “Why is it you?”

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