That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 478

Ms Warren Is Here

Jade subconsciously protected Angel, and they looked at Josie beseechingly.

“Look at them. They’re still kids, and they’re shy. They don’t dare to go into the hot spring with you.”
Josie looked down to pour the alcohol. “Look at them. They’re scared witless.”

Other people laughed. The topic returned to Josie. “You look quite familiar. I feel like I’ve seen you

Josie was startled and quickly answered, “I used to work in Russell Group. Perhaps we’ve met for work

“Russell Group.” The person repeated, then said, “Dexter Russell from Russell Group is pretty tricky.
As a matter of fact, this project was given to Russell Group at first. Why did you get it instead? Have
you met him?”

Josie forced a smile. She wanted to say that she had not only seen him but also slept with him. She
had just left his side in the morning.

“Mr. Russell is an important figure. I don’t have the opportunity to meet him. As for the project, Russell
Group naturally outsourced it.”

“That makes sense. You wouldn’t have come here if you’d met Mr. Russell.” The person smiled as he

his drink.

The rest laughed along.

Josie didn’t understand what he was implying. She was slightly confused. “Why?”

“Don’t you know? Dexter and Arnold from Carter Group have been on bad terms for a long time. This is
Arnold’s territory.”

Arnold? Sky Palace belongs to him.

Josie nodded as she understood in hindsight. “Thank you for letting me know.”

Josie spoke with them for around half an hour, and they didn’t make things difficult for her. But she had
crouched down for a long time, and her legs were slightly numb.

She left the private room cautiously, and her legs immediately felt weak. Angel supported her. “Ms. Jo,
are you feeling okay?”

Jade said, “These executives are so hard to deal with.”

Josie stood on the spot for a while. “Thankfully, it’s considered done. This is a nice place. Go and have
fun. We can leave later. We’re in no rush.”

They were both young, and it wasn’t easy to enter Sky Palace. Angel immediately hesitated. “Really?”

“Of course.”

“What about you?”

“I’ll be walking around.”

Her body ached from being tormented by Edgar, and she wanted to look for a hot spring and soak in it.

In the completely dark room, the curtains were shut tightly. A man sleeping on the king–sized bed for
the whole day finally moved. As he woke in a haze, he habitually reached out to the left, but it was


Arnold didn’t feel sleepy any longer.

He slowly opened his eyes, and his gorgeous, pitch–dark eyes were seen. His hair was messy yet
alluring, and his charming face was buried deeply in the white pillow. He looked utterly harmless.

He spaced out for two seconds and instantly came to his senses. Arnold remembered that he had been
on a twelve–hour flight and had been exhausted when he returned, so he had come here.

He faintly heard a noise coming from downstairs and habitually furrowed his brows. Have I been
sleeping for the whole day?

Arnold looked for the remote control for the lights while he sat down. Under the light, the man on the
bed looked dreamy yet calm. He gave off an unapproachable demeanor.

Andy quickly came in from the outside after receiving a call. “You’ve woken up, Mr. Carter.”

Arnold answered, “Where’s Dexter?”

“He arrived not too long ago and has started negotiations. Summer secretly followed him.”

Arnold sneered and quickly put on his clothes. He seemed very lanky as he stood in front of the mirror.

Andy wanted to say something but stopped.

“Get on with it.”

I just received news that our people saw Ms. Warren appear here.

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