That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 481

I’m Willing to Believe Him

Josie looked up from the pair of heels. The person was dressed in a long, beige trench coat. Even
when looking up at this person, Josie could tell she was stunning and had a great figure.

“We meet again, Josie.”

To Josie’s surprise, it was Summer.

Josie’s demeanor weakened since she had nowhere to hide. She looked elsewhere. “How did you
come in?”

Summer crouched down calmly to be at Josie’s eye level. She sized Josie up. “What do you think? Dex
brought me along today, so I can go wherever I like.”

Dexter didn’t mention Summer just now, and Josie was suspicious. “You’re lying. You followed him.”

Josie’s tone was confident. Summer was momentarily surprised and raised her brows. “It seems like
you’re getting along well in your marriage with your husband, and you trust him fully, Ms. Warren.”

The subtlety in her words made Josie subconsciously feel guilty. Josie soaked herself in the warm
water but felt cold all over. “No. I was just guessing.”

“Guessing?” Summer suddenly hit the surface of the water, and it splashed. The corners of Summer’s
clothes were wet, and Josie was forced to shut her eyes. “You’re a pretty good actor. I never thought
that you would strengthen your position. You were lying to me previously, weren’t you?!”

Josie realized something when she saw Summer’s angry feelings. Summer was an impatient woman.
Otherwise, she wouldn’t have forced Dexter to stay in the hotel and be punished for four years to leave


Josie used the back of her hand to wipe the water on her face. Her panic vanished, and she smiled.
“Ms. Olsen, haven’t you been trying to make me misunderstand Dexter?”

“What do you mean?”

“We stayed at a hotel under the Olsen family, and I found strands of your hair on my belongings.”
Josie’s gaze fell on Summer’s hair. “It seems you still want to replace me, Ms. Olsen.”

Summer recalled how Dexter had humiliated her since that day was mentioned. She sneered. “I did
meet Dexter that day in the room you were staying in. This is a fact.”

“A fact.” Josie nodded. I’m still willing to believe Dexter

Summer’s temper grew worse. Soon, she nodded in realization. “Yes. With your family background and
education experience, it must have been impossible to get where you are today, even if you tried your
whole life.

“Starting a work studio, living in a luxurious suite, coming in and out of high-end venues, becoming Mrs.
Russell, and even your father’s full recovery. All these were a pipedream to you in the past! But you
have everything today. It’s a windfall for you. Of course, you have to hold on tightly to everything. How
devious of you!”

Summer spoke confidently.

Josie didn’t retort as she listened to Summer because Summer was correct. Dexter had given her all
these external things after she became Mrs. Russell

I’m Willing to Believe Him

You’re right, Ms. Olsen Josie smiled Tean’t help bortrek poor, but it’s hard to live a simple tife after
being rich

ook a deep bees

Jose Warren! You’re so shamelew couldn’t accept such an answer with her upbringing


live Semily after being


No matter what, everything you de contined and faced Summers anger head-on

You promised me the same life, Ms. Olsen, but I thought abo giving me in’t as beneficial as when I’m
Mrs. Russell

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