That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 477

Express My Sincerity

“I don’t know. Let’s see what happens. We can splash them with wine if we can’t deal with them and
lose our patience. We can let go of this job at most.” Josie joked and seemed like she wasn’t very
concerned. It comforted Angel and Jade to a great degree as they were attending something like this
for the first time.

At Sky Palace.

The car stopped. Angel and Jade couldn’t help but gasp as they sized up the shiny signboard.

It was a famous country club in Wavery, and they had heard rumors that only members could enter. All
sorts of astounding stories spread about the country club, and ordinary people could only admire it.

“Ms. Jo, are you a member here? That’s amazing.” Angel exclaimed like a little girl as she walked in.

Laura had given Josie a card. Josie parked the car and didn’t say anything. She was distracted. She
had seen a figure resembling Larry, if she wasn’t mistaken.

If it was really him, and if he were really here, then…

The country club was just ordinary but classier than other places. The first floor was like a bar filled with
people. But one difference was that most of those who could enter were important. In other words, it
was a playground for children of wealthy families.

Everything above the first floor was private rooms to discuss work and other matters. If people in the
rooms got too excited, they could take their business to bed. The facilities were complete, and it was no
different from a hotel.

Sky Palace had eight floors and a majestic layout. It had a vintage design, and the walls inside were
knocked down. It looked like a palace, so it was aptly named Sky Palace.

There were man–made hot springs in the back area. It was a good district and cost a lot to build. All
who could enter were naturally people of significant wealth.

It was also Josie’s first time here.

Angel secretly took her cell phone out and took photos behind Josie. Her eyes were bright, but she was
more impressed by the membership card that Josie had taken out just now.

During the early evening, not many people were there. Josie had met the same people over the year,
and she could almost remember all their names as she looked at them. Everyone was bustling about
and getting ready to party tonight.

A smile was on Josie’s delicate lips. She led the two to the back area, where a few people were
soaking in the hot springs. They chatted and joked around as the steam rose around them.

Josie entered, and they were confused when they raised their head. One of them came to their senses,
their expression changed. “You’re from Blank Studios, aren’t you? Laura Brandel?”


Josie smiled. She walked to the waiter and filled their empty glasses with alcohol. “I’m from Blank, but
I’m not Laura. My name is Josie Warren. Laura is busy today, so she sent me to apologize. I hope you
don’t mind.”

Josie was pretty and humble. Since she had said such things, they couldn’t say anything, even if they
were displeased.

“I brought the project design today for you to look at. Do let me know if you have any comments.” After
that, Jade and Angel immediately passed out the document.

Someone looked at it and said, “There’s no rush. Come into the water, and let’s talk about it. We’ve put
in essential oils that are good for you, Ms. Warren.”

The other party had a flirty gaze as they sized up her figure. One of them touched Angel’s hand, and
she immediately pulled away. She blushed.

Josie still smiled. “I’m not feeling well, today. My monthly visitor is here. I’m sorry.” She filled her glass
with alcohol. “Here’s a toast to express my sincerity.“.

She finished it in one go, and her cheeks flushed, but she still had a smile. Someone clapped, “You can
take your alcohol well!”

“But Ms. Warren, since you can’t do it, you can let your two assistants come in to have fun. It’s hard to
make a reservation for the hot springs in Sky Palace.”

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