That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 474

The Friendliest Woman

No one knew what Paul had said to Justin. The latter looked downcast when he came out of the room
and dared not even look up.

Josie saw it from the corner of her eyes and sighed. She asked the man beside her, “Has Justin. been
in Heaven on Earth all along?”

Dexter took a spoon and put it to her lips. “Try it.”

She opened her mouth.

“Calvin doesn’t make mistakes. Once he’s given an order, Justin wouldn’t be able to leave. Calvin will
counsel him. Don’t worry.”

“It tastes just right.” Josie nodded before turning to leave the kitchen. She saw Justin walk to the door
and was about to leave.

“Stay.” When she said it, Justin and Paul looked up in astonishment at the same time.

She paused. “It’s late. Stay and have dinner with us.”


“Jo…” Paul was slightly worried.

Josie didn’t answer. She said to Justin, “Why are you standing there? Come and set the table.”

Justin quickly smiled and answered her before going into the kitchen.

It was a rare reunion for the family, and there was a warm atmosphere. Halfway through dinner, Justin
proposed a toast. “Sis, I was too much of a rascal in the past. It was my fault. I’m sorry. I won’t do it
again in the future. I’ll look after Dad together with you.”

Everyone was silent. Josie was surprised when she heard him express regret, and she immediately
teared up. She forced a smile. “Have you seen the light?”

“Yes.” Justin was apologetic.

Josie lifted her glass and clinked it with Justin’s. “That’s great.” She finished her drink.

They had an enjoyable dinner. Dexter was still sick and couldn’t drink alcohol but frequently took food
for the two older men and Josie.

After dinner, Josie took the initiative to do the dishes, and Justin followed her, saying he wanted to help.
Dexter and the two older men sat in the living room, and he personally

The Friendliest Woman

made tea for them. He was sincere and tried his best, and the tea was delicious.

Josie left her cell phone with Dexter. It suddenly vibrated, and he subconsciously glanced at it. It was a
message from someone saved as ‘Mrs. Hadey.’ Josie, my daughter came to see me today and found
out you saved me, so she wants to thank you properly. When are you available?’

Dexter furrowed his brows slightly. The name sounded familiar.

He scrolled up in the chat. There was no other message. The number was saved a few days


After everything was done, Old Mr. Russell insisted on staying because he liked having a companion.
Dexter couldn’t do anything about it, so he could only leave with Josie.

“Mrs. Hadey? It was a coincidence.” In the car, Josie sat in the passenger’s seat as she told him in
detail what had happened that day. “Do you know that she has an especially gentle demeanor? Mrs.
Hadey is one of the friendliest women I’ve met. Look, she gave me this good luck charm in the car. She
said it’s also for protection.”

A good luck charm hung in the car.

“She said it’s also to protect me, and I don’t drive, so I gave It to you. I hope it’ll always keep you safe,
Dexter.” Josie said with a smile.

His lips curved.

She was still mumbling, “I wonder how her daughter is like. She must be like her mom.”

As she spoke, she replied to Mrs. Hadey’s text to turn her down, saying that she was busy and that
they didn’t need to especially thank her.

“Russell Mansion. The church.” Dexter repeated the key phrases.

“Yes. Is something wrong?”

Dexter held the steering wheel with both hands and couldn’t think of anything strange. He shook his
head lightly. “No. You did a good job.”



and see her the next time we return to Russell Mansion. She lives alone and seems lonely. Josie was
kind and genuinely meant it.


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