That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 483

You’ve Lost

Josie saw Summer’s emotions fluctuate wildly, and Josie continued speaking calmly. This time, she
leaned close to Summer’s shoulder, and every word she said rang in Summer’s ears.

“Has he ever prepared a glass of warm water, afraid you would be thirsty when you wake up in the
middle of the night? Has he ever kissed you awake at dawn? Has he ever thrown you on the bed
without a word when he’s aroused? Has he tormented you in different ways? Has he ever laid on you
during his peak and told you, I can ascend to heaven now, you little vixen”?”

Josie smiled in satisfaction when she felt Summer trembling. After that, she pretended to pat Summer’s
shoulders in consideration. “Even the thing you thought he cared about Liana the most. He took me to
see his elders so I wouldn’t worry. He even gave me funds and supported me to start a work studio with
Laura to be independent.”

Summer suddenly pulled away. She raised her hand and wanted to slap Josie. “You’re disgusting!”

Josie grabbed her hand.

Summer immediately couldn’t move.

She wouldn’t allow herself to be constantly hit!

You and I both know what Dexter’s personality is like He’s an egotistical person. I have to admit that he
was equally impatient with me at first, but it was superficial. He will immediately discard a woman when
he doesn’t like her.”

“But what about now? He takes the initiative to tell me about his life. He’s afraid that I will take offense
and feel aggrieved.”

“With his status, I know he has many rumored partners. There have been women who have come and
gone even after we got married. But you see, who can really take him away from me?”

“Even if I have tentatively snatched him away from you, it only proves that he doesn’t love you, right?”

If no one can snatch him from me, what does it show? It proves that he loves me.”

Josie’s powerful words resonated.

Summer’s heart sank into a bottomless pit.

After taking a few deep breaths, she finally regained her composure. “Don’t forget that I have the Olsen
family behind me. Russell Group has to attach itself to the Olsen family if they don’t want to get into
trouble. It isn’t a complete victory for you yet!”

Josie’s eyes twitched.

“Summer, you’ve lost.”

She let go of Summer’s hand.

Ultimately, Summer’s hidden trump card was only her family background. It was too pathetic. Josie
didn’t want to continue arguing with her.

Summer’s legs trembled slightly. She reached out, held Josie’s chin, and forced Josie to look up. “I
never thought you could speak so eloquently. It seems you’re certain he loves you and won’t leave

Josie didn’t surrender. She looked up. “I’m confident in my love for him, not his love for me.”

Such a direct confession was basically declaring war on Summer. Josie initially felt insecure, but today,
Dexter gave her confidence.

Summer was astonished by what she said. “Who gave you permission to love him?!”

In this world, being trapped by a woman’s love was burdensome.

Josie suddenly flicked Summer’s hand away and was about to say something when Summer’s hand hit
Josie’s towel. The knot on Josie’s towel unraveled, and the towel fell downwards.

She frowned and subconsciously turned to grab her towel to hide her crucial areas.

At this juncture, a red birthmark came into Summer’s view. She instantly widened her eyes and stared
at Josie’ back in disbelief.

Josie’s skin was fair, and her back was supple. A small, red birthmark was on Josie’s sphenoid bone. It
looked like a cloud and was particularly obvious under the contrast of her snow-white skin.

How can this be? Summer took one step back in surprise, and she was at a loss!

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