That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 484

Red Birthmark

Josie still had yet to notice Summer’s reactions. As she adjusted her towel with her back facing
Summer, she asked. “Aren’t you leaving, Ms. Olsen?”

Because she didn’t turn around, she didn’t know that Summer was leaving frantically. Summer left in a
rush in her heels, and she leaned against the door and took a deep breath once the door was shut.

She was still in disbelief, and her lips were turning pale.

How can this be?! Josie has that birthmark on her!

Summer leaned against the door and slowly slid to sit on the floor. Something that happened not long
ago played in her mind.

After the charity auction ended, Mark called her over and instructed her to resign from Vaste so she
could slowly learn to take over family affairs.

She was in a bad mood because she had been rebuked by Dexter. “Father, I’ve said I’m not interested
in the Olsen family’s stupid affairs. I want to be a researcher. This is my dream!

Mark’s deep eyes were immediately filled with ridicule when he heard it. “Sum, do you want to be a
researcher, or do you want to be Russell Group’s researcher?”

Summer was embarrassed.

“Dream? When you were forced to take this path, you were extremely unwilling. Why are you
pretending in front of me now? Do you think I don’t understand your thoughts?” Mark tapped the cane
in his hands. “Other than Dexter currently being married, I won’t let you marry him and be his second
wife even if he gets divorced!”

“Father!” It had struck Summer’s sore spot. She rose in a fury, and her eyes were filled with tears.

I didn’t have to work so hard. I could have had more time to prepare to marry Dex. I tried to kill myself
when I was overseas to beg you, but you weren’t willing to bring me back! You contributed to the
current situation!”

She was almost unreasonably stubborn. Mark roared, ‘Do you think you can please Dexter just by
staying in Wavery? You’re too conceited. I sent you overseas to calm you down, but it didn’t work!”

Everyone in the Olsen family doted on this daughter very much. But because they always gave in to
her, her personality became stubborn.

“I’m not going to resign. I want to stay at Vaste!”

“You!” Mark put his hand to his chest in a fury, and his fingers pointed in the air for a long time. He
didn’t say anything. At this time, a knock sounded at the door. It was Mark’s secretary, and it seemed to


“Mr. Olsen. The secretary came forward and wanted to say something but was apprehensive about
Summer’s presence. Mark had his hands behind his back. “Why are you stammering? Spit it out!”

“Something happened to Dexter’s wife.”

Summer’s eyes widened, and she arose at once.

The secretary quickly told the whole story, and Mark had a complicated expression. “How is she?”

“She was rescued in time, but she’s frightened. But Dexter doesn’t intend to just let this go.

Mark looked at Summer when he heard it. “Listen to that. Did you hear it? Can they get a divorce?”

Summer’s expression changed, and she pulled her father’s hand pleadingly. “No, Father, you must help


Mark flicked her hand away and asked the secretary, “Who incited this?”

“It’s reportedly Nigel’s daughter, Eileen Shaw.”

“You may leave.”

Summer had a strange expression after he left. She wrinkled her brows. “Father, you’re peculiar today.
You used to support me in the past…

She wasn’t sure about what exactly was strange.

“It’s because I realized you’re on the wrong side!”

“Really?! Father, you’re not treating Josie as that person, are you?!”

In the heat of the moment, Mark was furious. He raised his hand to slap Summer.

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