That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 491

Already in the United Kingdom

Arnold didn’t say anything, but Summer didn’t let him go. “Dexter is already in the United Kingdom. If I
were you, I wouldn’t wait here anxiously for his next move. After all, with his ability, you might lose the
chance to confront him if he goes to the next step.”

It wasn’t easy for Josie to free herself, but when she did, she understood the sequence of events in the
next two hours.

The problems with the project were the fuse. After this was leaked, the acquirers of other projects
under Russell Group suddenly backed out after investing in early–stage funding, and the stock prices
fell. It seemed premeditated. None of the many famous corporations stood on Russell Group’s side.
Russell Group influenced the market, so this attracted much criticism for Dexter.

Larry immediately saw the video of Josie and called her. “Listen to me, Mrs. Russell. Old Mr. Russell
has returned to oversee Russell Group. Mr. Russell is now in the United Kingdom.

“The United Kingdom?”

“Yes. The United Kingdom is a financial center, and it’s easy for us to work here.” Larry paused. “Mr.
Russell doesn’t want you to worry and to go about your business. He will solve everything.”

No matter the situation, Dexter’s presence set her mind at ease.

“Larry, I’m worried about him. I want to be with him, Josie said.

He paused momentarily and said, “The secretarial department needs to send some information here.
Mr. Russell might not be able to use it, but…”

As soon as he said it, Josie understood and answered almost immediately. “Leave it to me.”

Stars shone brightly at night, and airplanes quickly took off in the sky. Josie sat in her seat. She had
documents and information from the secretarial team open in her hands. The nouns were complicated,
but she didn’t skip a single word as she forced herself to read.

It wrote that the merger and acquisition approach was direct. There were no other cases like this, so
Dexter had to solve them with his intellect and wisdom.

If he didn’t solve it correctly, Russell Group would be overtaken by various companies eyeing them
covetously. If Dexter solved it, Russell Group would be like a phoenix rising from the ashes. No one
would ever dare to provoke him again.

The flight attendant offered Josie water, and she leaned back to take a short break. She exhaled softly,
and she reflected with her muddled mind.

You’re so troublesome, Dexter.

You always do worrying things and need others to pick up after you. This issue is significant and has
slandered Russell Group’s core. This is for sure.

I wonder how Dexter… is doing now.

Hard–pressed? I don’t think so. But he must be wracking his brain, right?

He’s a world–class professional.

Josie kept the information safe. Since something had happened, she had to take a look before she
could stop worrying.

Dexter had a hard time for the last two days.

Calvin quickly arrived as the assistant, To the media, Calvin was an important figure. The two rarely
appeared together. Now that they were gathered together in the United Kingdom, they naturally
attracted attention.

It was ten at night at one of the buildings in the United Kingdom.

Dexter was exhausted when his meeting ended. He arrived at Calvin’s hotel and asked the receptionist
for a room key. Dexter found Calvin’s room and entered it without any warning. Dexter headed to the
master bedroom. “We’ll start working tomorrow. You…”

As Dexter spoke, he turned and walked into the master bedroom. After that, he suddenly stopped.

“D*mn.” Dexter swore. He turned and backed away.

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