That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 486

Chapter 485 Josie Is Liana

Summer covered her face. She lifted her face in disbelief to look at her father.

Mark’s rage increased when faced with her sad expression. He said, “That’s your older sister. I won’t
tolerate you being so rudel”

Big drops of tears immediately fell from Summer’s eyes. She got up. I’ve never seen my so-called
sister alive. What sister is she to me?! What kind of a father are you?! When trouble arose at home
when we were young, you only brought her along and left me with the nanny. Do you know how I felt?!”

“You only loved her. You don’t love me at all!”

Mark laughed in his rage when he heard it. “What do you know about what happened back then?
Under a circumstance when we were forced to choose one, your sister took the initiative to follow us
and suffer. You wouldn’t be living such a good life without her!”

“I would rather suffer than live in her shadow. If she were still alive, I wouldn’t be the one to succeed the
Olsen family, would I?” Summer retorted. Her years of resentment erupted.

“Heh.” Mark shook his head in disappointment. If she were still alive, she would never say such defiant
things like you!”

Summer was tearful. “In short, you can’t help that parasite, Father. You must remember that she’s
Josie, not Liana

Although Mark was incensed, he understood what she said.

She’s Josie, not Liana

Summer was trembling, and she recalled what she had said. She thought it was ironic.

The Olsen family had never given up looking in the ten years then Liana had gone missing. Regardless
of their method, there would always be a note. There is a red, cloud-like birthmark on the back of Liana,
who went missing”

Many people pretended to be Liana during this period. They deliberately drew a birthmark, but the
Olsen family knew whether it was genuine with one glance since those people didn’t know the specific
location of the birthmark.

Summer had seen photos of Liana’s birthmark and remembered it well.

She never thought the next time she saw it would be on Josie’s body!

That’s right. How can there be such a coincidence? Not only do they look alike, but their personalities
are also alike.

Summer tried to calm down but couldn’t. It was as if a nuclear bomb had gone off in her head.

Josie was Liana, who had gone missing for many years!

Josie was Summer’s older sister…

Josie hadn’t taken what belonged to Summer. Josie. was entitled to them!

When Summer was sure of it, she panicked and took out her cell phone.

This can’t do. I can’t let anyone find out about this secret. Josie has never looked for her family for so
many years. I’m sure she doesn’t even know about it!

After Josie got into trouble, the Harris fellow was disgraced quickly because Mark had privately helped

Mark did it just because Josie resembled Liana. Summer dared not imagine what would happen if he
knew Josie was Liana.

The call went through, and the other party greeted Summer politely. “Ms. Olsen.”

“Help me investigate someone. Josie’s father. Isn’t he awake? You must help me make discreet
inquiries about his past!”

The call ended, and Summer quickly made another call. “Mother, help me put in a good word with
Father. I’m willing to come home and take over the family affairs.

She spoke coyly, but her eyes were filled with an unprecedented ambition.

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