That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 476


From living in such a situation, Laura’s mental state was a mess. A psychologist needed to intervene.

Matthew quickly replied. ‘What’s up? Is something wrong?‘

‘No, but my friend needs help.’

Matthew answered. ‘I do know one. He’s an internationally known psychologist who just returned to the
country recently. Let me ask if he has available slots.

Josie thanked him, and Laura’s voice rang behind her. “What are you thinking about? You really don’t
have to worry about me. Look, I’m standing here in one piece, right?”

Josie turned and was distressed when she noticed Laura’s expression. “No matter what, you have to
save yourself. If anything happens to you, I can’t manage this studio alone.”

Laura suddenly smiled. “Don’t worry. You’re my money–making source.” She walked to the office desk
and took out a document. “The leaders of the Northern Wavery project are meeting in Sky Palace
today. We should send someone from our side to attend too. I should attend such functions, but as you
know, I…”

She still had injuries.

Josie immediately took the document. “Leave it to me. You rest well.”

Sky Palace was a country club where they could eat and drink with everything available. The people
who came and went were extraordinarily wealthy.

In the evening, Josie chose two employees to go with her. “Jade. Angel. Come with me.”

After Josie had packed up, she went to the garage and saw from afar two young people standing
where she had told them to. They stood upright rigidly.

When Josie approached and got into the car, their nervous expressions still hadn’t relaxed. Josie
smiled and said, “Why are you so nervous? I’m not going to eat you up.

It was the start of another season, and the sky turned dark earlier. Shortly after the vehicle drove away,
last rays of sunlight on the building dimmed. The dim silhouette of the building looked grand and


The two newcomers in the backseat finally summoned up their courage. “Ms. Warren, why did you
choose us to accompany you?”

They were recent college graduates who had applied for the job because of Josie’s reputation. They
were still interns, and their daily tasks included doing odd jobs. They never thought Josie would think
highly of them.

Josie wasn’t in a rush to answer. She lowered the window slightly, and cool air rushed in. It swept her
lengthy, black hair, revealing her fair neck. The streetlights lit up and flickered across her face as she
drove past. After a while, she said, “Why do you think so lowly of yourself? Speaking of it, it’s also my
first time being a boss. I’m new too.”

The two newcomers were nervous and didn’t dare say anything in response.

Josie was exasperated and glanced in the rearview mirror. “You don’t have to be so nervous. Calm


Jade Tugman didn’t quite understand, and her eyes lit up with desire. “Ms. Warren, we’ll work hard!”

Josie answered, “Don’t call me Ms. Warren. It’s awkward to hear. You can call me Ms. Jo like the rest
of them. It sounds better.”

Actually, she wasn’t that much older than these interns. She was only one or two years older than
them, at most. But under Dexter’s training, she unexpectedly became mature.

Angel Teneson, who hadn’t dared to say anything, finally smiled. “Alright, Ms. Jo.”

“Where are we going now, Ms. Jo?”

“The Northern Wavery leaders have a meeting in Sky Palace. As the design team, we naturally have to
show up and let them review the design draft.”

“Will it be difficult?”

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