That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 493

Are You Afraid of Me?

Heather looked at him calmly. “Mr. Carter told me to come. He wanted me to give you this information.”

Dexter leaned against the door and seemed slightly indifferent. “What information?”

“Information about how to respond to the crisis this time.”

Heather seemed somewhat afraid of him. She tried her best to calm down. Her hands holding the
information trembled a little.

Dexter stepped aside, and Heather walked in. The first thing she saw was a large messy bed, and she
looked away, bewildered. Dexter sat on the couch calmly. “Are you afraid of me?”

Heather smiled “You’re Russell Group’s business executor. I don’t think I’m the only one afraid of you.”

He signaled her to sit and calmly took out a pack of cigarettes. “What message does Arnold want you
to pass to me?”

Heather/was startled. “You know he has a message for you?”

Dexter took a cigarette from the pack. It wasn’t his usual cigarette. It was a cigar. He silently twirled it in
his hands. He was clear–headed.

Heather sat down and put the information aside when she saw him silent. “The allocation of six
hundred million from the executives is gone, right?”

This was what Arnold had said..

Dexter’s gaze was fixed on the flickering sunlight on the balcony from the start until the end.

He had rejected Mr. Matton’s backdoor method that day in Sky Palace, so he naturally had to deal with
the crisis that resulted from it. Those people wouldn’t let him overcome it so quickly.

Dexter was prepared.

Heather continued, “Mr. Carter means that he can step in to suppress Russell Group’s crisis and
circulate cash for Russell Group, but he has a condition.”

Dexter lit the cigar, and smoke started flowing. He answered, “Tell me.”

“He wants Russell Group to change their centralized power situation so external funding can enter.”

Heather was apprehensive when she said it.

The man laughed lightly when he heard it. “I see that Mr. Carter still wants to destroy me.”

For a moment, Heather panicked from seeing the smile on the corners of his lips.

“If I don’t agree, wouldn’t you have come for nothing?”

Heather avoided his examining gaze. “Sort of.”

Dexter stood up with his back facing her. “He will punish you.”

“… Mr. Carter appreciates me and treats me well.”

Heather suddenly understood something as she looked at his figure. What kind of a person was
Dexter? Only he could turn the tables on others. No one could plot against him.

“You can go.”

He was so decisive. Heather furrowed her brows and couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t you afraid, Mr.

Dexter glanced to the side. “Afraid of what?”

Heather had never seen a business executor so calm when he was in an imminent disaster. She
seemed to have broadened her horizons today, and her eyes flickered. “If Russell Group can’t
persevere, Mr. Carter will receive more than he requested today.”

After all, Old Mr. Russell had been called into action.

“What about you? Do you want me to persevere or not?” After he said it, their relationship seemed to
be pulled closer.

Heather almost couldn’t answer. “Of course, I hope that you can persevere. I’ve seen Ms. Olsen’s
interview. She wrote that the business world will still depend on you in decades.”

Dexter seemed slightly surprised. “Where did you see it?”

“It was your interview in Wavery, Mr. Russell. Everyone has always scrambled to read your interviews.”

Dexter had one hand in his pocket. His cigar was between his lips as he walked to Heather. Dexter
didn’t seem very vicious. Instead, he appeared highly unrestrained.

Heather looked down and couldn’t retreat.

“Since you’ve sent the information, you can leave. I’m going to sleep for a while more, Dexter
unexpectedly said to Heather.

He was chasing her away.

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