That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 492

Don’t Tell Me You Have a Crush on Me

There were rumors that Calvin, who always had a clean and gentlemanly image, wasn’t close to
women because he was gay! Furthermore, he was rumored to be the receiving party within his gay
relationship! Tabloids had once reported that someone had witnessed Calvin enter a gay bar.

The light in the room was dim. Calvin was only in a shirt and protected the frightened woman under
him. “Get out!”

Dexter raised his hands to cover his eyes. He only entered the room again when he saw that the
woman had run away without daring to look at him. He took a deep breath. “Why did you bring her

The lights brightened, and Calvin stood up. He adjusted his clothes and calmly buttoned his shirt. His
expression didn’t change. “Don’t tell me you have a crush on me, Dex. Do you have an opinion on

Dexter restrained his annoyance in exasperation. He looked tiredly at the handsome man before him
and couldn’t help but think that Calvin had great looks and abilities. What’s wrong with him? Why has
he recently focused on ordinary, common, plain–looking women?

It was as though Calvin could read Dexter’s mind. He easily guessed what Dexter was thinking about
and said, “You better not embarrass her.”

Dexter massaged the bridge of his nose. The woman caused the man, who didn’t fall in love easily, to
say such a thing. Calvin must have really been in love.

“Alright.” He went straight to the point. “You understand many things without needing me to talk about
them. This matter is really Russell Group’s oversight, which pushed the issue to such a stage. Sorry for

making you come all the way.”

Since they were both men, Calvin was direct. He took out three documents from the drawer and spread
them out in front of Dexter individually. “These are fundings that came in from the branches. This is
from me. Lastly, this is what your grandfather wants to pass to you.”

The three documents before him made up a large sum of money.

Dexter looked down at it and understood they wanted to give him money so he could strike back
against the rude acquirer.

He looked at it briefly before taking Russell Group’s branch document. “This is the furthest they can
take it. I expect them to run wild again. Since we’re slowly becoming passive, I don’t need so much. I
don’t want you to get involved.”

He picked up his grandfather’s document. “I will save this as a backup. My grandfather will always be
concerned about me.”

Calvin shrugged, expressing nonchalance.

Dexter had spent many days talking at the conference table. Even if he were invincible, he couldn’t
help but feel tired and want to rest.

He threw himself on the bed and slept through the night without any


He took out his cell phone and glanced at it before he slept. Josie still hadn’t called him.

He was hesitating if he should call and tell her everything was alright. But if he did, he would feel


Therefore, his cell phone screen remained on the call log page. Ultimately, the screen slowly dimmed
and went black before Dexter finally gave up. He buried himself in the covers and fell asleep.

He slept through the night.

The next day, it was misty outside. He was awoken by a persistent knocking.

Dexter opened the door drowsily, and his face was as dark as the devil. The first thing he said was,
“Who is it?

The other party was a skinny woman in an Armani suit. She had deliberately worn it to seem mature.
She had a pile of documents in her hands and smiled at him. “Mr. Russell.”

He narrowed his eyes. “… Heather?”

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