That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 488

Willing To Try

After arguing with Summer, Josie was no longer in the mood to stay in the hot spring. She sent
messages to Angel and Jade, telling them to leave with her car.

After that, she called a server and told him to send the car keys to the entrance of Sky Palace.

She left the room after that. She wanted to walk around and wait for Dexter’s meeting to end.

She walked along the corridor and was so bored that she started counting her footsteps. On her
hundredth step, she happened to stop outside a private room. The door was hollowed out, and
fragmented speech could be heard inside. Josie saw Dexter’s figure through the crack.

And Arnold.

The two kept a distance. One sat upright, while the other was easygoing and carefree. They had
different demeanors.

A pair of fair, delicate hands served tea to Dexter. Josie wanted to take a closer look but couldn’t.

Josie didn’t think much about it. She stepped away and waited for him at the door.

Inside, Dexter still didn’t relent. Mr. Matton was on the verge of getting distraught. “Don’t you want to
save yourself, Mr. Russell?”

Arnold silently drank his tea. Suddenly, a figure outside flashed across his eyes.

He stirred. The two of you are talking about confidential business information. I’ll take my leave.”

Outside, before Josie could walk far, she saw a familiar figure. He wore a suit and tie and looked
charming under the colorful lights.

Josie blinked. She turned and wanted to leave.

“Josie.” He called her. “Why are you running?”

Josie paused. She wanted to leave quickly, but he grabbed her forcefully. She turned and saw Arnold’s
smiling face come into view. His smile harbored malicious intentions.

“Why are you here?”

Josie couldn’t smile. “For work. It was for work.”

“So why are you running?” Arnold sized her up thoughtfully.

She didn’t know why, but she felt she didn’t know how to face Arnold after so much had happened. The
two clearly didn’t overstep boundaries, and no affection existed between the two.

But it felt strange.

“Okay, I was waiting for him.” Josie thought about it. She had her hands behind her back and was
slightly bashful.

Arnold noticed it. It was unsightly. He turned to the side. “Why? Have you put everything behind you?
Have you fallen in love?”

He spoke plainly, and Josie didn’t know how to deal with him. She looked into his eyes and said
solemnly, “I’m willing to try, Arnold.”

No clouds were in the sky tonight. The two stood in the garden, only a few feet apart, but Arnold felt the
distance between them was heaven and earth.

He nodded and sat down on the steps. He didn’t care that the ground was dirty. “What if it doesn’t work
after you try?”

“If it doesn’t.” Josie suddenly realized she hadn’t thought of the consequences. She sat next to Arnold.
“Then… At worst, I’ll just start from the beginning. I’m healthy. It’s not like I’ll have nowhere to go.”

Her side profile was smooth and plump, and an enduring innocence was still in her eyes. It caught
Arnold’s attention.

His eyes were sad. “You’re brave.”

“Arnold.” Josie turned and looked at him. “We’re still young, aren’t we? If there’s something you want to
go all out and do, go ahead.”

Arnold looked at her and sneered. “You’ve decided to stand on Dexter’s side, which means you’ve
made me an enemy. You won’t blame me if you get hurt in the future, will you?”

“Of course not. Josie smiled. She looked up at the moon. “When we first met, you wanted me to be
your spy, but I disagreed. Hasn’t my resolve been firm from the start until the end?”

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