That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 490

A Crisis of Confidence

Josie saw that her expression was strange, and her heart sank. She subconsciously lowered her voice.
“What happened?”

“Summer quit her job in Vaste. She returned to Mark’s side to learn about family affairs.” Laura asked
earnestly, “Does this have anything to do with you?”

Josie furrowed her brows. She thought of the last time she had parted on bad terms with Summer and
didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary. “I don’t think so. Isn’t it normal for her to learn these things
as the successor of the Olsen family?”

Laura snorted coldly. “The main point is that she previously didn’t want to take over the family business.
Her personality suddenly changed. It’s strange.”

Josie patted Laura’s shoulder. She didn’t overthink it. “After all, that’s her prerogative.”

Laura thought it made sense and didn’t say anything else.

After that day. Dexter spent most of his time at Russell Group. Josie hadn’t seen him in a few days, and
she specially made chicken soup for him but was stuck at an intersection.

She faintly saw a long line of cars in front. There seemed to be many people gathered in front of
Russell Group in broad daylight, and it was a lively scene.

She didn’t understand. Did something happen at the front?

Josie held her cell phone as she got down to investigate. She took a few steps forward and bumped
into the traffic police on duty. “You don’t have to look, miss. Traffic is at a gridlock, and no one can
move. Change your route.”

Josie smiled at him. “It’s alright. My destination is up ahead.”

She held the thermos cup and quickly walked over. Her petite figure was quite conspicuous.

At this time, her cell phone was flooded with news. It vibrated incessantly. Josie looked down at it and
was surprised to see her Twitter and WhatsApp app with the ’99-‘ notification. What had happened?

She stopped walking and shrewdly caught a glimpse of the word ‘breaking’ in one of the news. ‘Russell
Group met with a crisis of confidence.

Josie stood on the spot, startled.

She scrolled down, and almost all the news was regarding Russell Group. They were reporting that
there was a collapse at Landon’s project.

Josie’s blood froze.

She continued scrolling with a trembling hand. Thankfully, she hadn’t seen any fatalities yet.

No one had died, but the project quality was a big problem. No wonder it was reported as a crisis of

She stood frozen at the spot. She was utterly shocked by the real-time news.

At this time, one of the reporters downstairs at Russell Group had a sharp eye and noticed a small

who stood in a daze on the spot. They immediately cried out, “A Russell Group employee!”

Josie suddenly raised her head. Her collarbone was beautiful as her breathing increased.

She had nowhere to run.

Cameras were pointed at her.

She was assaulted with all sorts of baffling questions.

She stood startled and at a loss as she was surrounded by reporters.

The reporters’ constant questions made her ears buzz. Josie breathed slowly and forced herself to
calm down and listen carefully. When she understood it, her expression changed gradually.

Tm not a Russell Group employee, but I trust in Russell Group. If they made a mistake, they will take

On the top floor of Carter Group, Arnold turned off the television. He shut his eyes and massaged the
bridge of his nose.

Josie’s thin and weak figure lingered in his mind. She looked calm, but her helpless gaze pierced his
heart, and he almost found it hard to breathe.

This initially had nothing to do with her.

“Are you feeling upset over her?” Summer’s voice suddenly rang in his ears.

Arnold slowly looked up and saw her standing by his office door.

Summer sneered. “It won’t work if you’re so indecisive like this, Arnold.”

t for What You Wan“Of course.” It was so firm that he didn’t know what to do.

After sitting there for a while, it was as though the two didn’t know what to talk about. Josie felt slightly
uneasy. She clearly never felt this way when she was with him in the past.

She rose and wanted to leave, but Arnold reached out to stop her. He raised his head and said, “Sit
with me a little longer.

Josie looked at him as she towered above him. At that moment, the moon was reflected in his eyes,
and she saw infinite loneliness and desolation in them. Her heart softened, and she smiled. “Are you a
puppy, Arnold?”

He looked like one from that angle.

Arnold didn’t get angry. He answered, “Mm. I am.”

It was rare for him to show such weakness. Josie suddenly understood why he could attract so many
women. Who would be able to take it?

She patted his head. “Why? Were you unhappy today?”

When have I ever been happy with your husband around?”

Josie laughed unkindly. When she looked up again, the private room door was open. The first to come
out was the overbearing Mr. Matton, who seemed unhappy. He was followed by Dexter. Larry was
holding Dexter’s jacket and handed it to him.

Dexter looked up, and Josie immediately pulled her hand back. She kept her distance from Arnold and
was slightly cautious.

Arnold composed himself and stood up. “Has it ended so soon, Dexter?”

Heather was the last to come out. She was startled to see Josie’s figure.

And Josie never imagined that the assistant seemed so familiar to her. It was as though they had
previously met.

Dexter only looked at Josie. He answered, “Mm. Come here.”

Josie walked to him. Heather also walked to Arnold at this time, and the two brushed past each other.
They looked at each other with fleeting confusion and familiarity.

“You talked for so long?” Josie walked to Dexter’s side and naturally lifted his arm.

“Mm. Why did you come out?”

Dexter took his coat from Larry and put it around Josie.

“I was too bored in the room…”

The two walked out side by side, looking exceptionally well-matched.

Heather stopped and looked at their figures as they walked further away. She pursed her lips silently,
and Arnold walked to her side. “If you want it, fight for it.”

In Dexter’s car, Josie leaned against him and smiled, trying to curry favor with him. “You aren’t angry,
are you?”

The man played with her hair with his fingers. He knew well but asked, “Why would I be angry?”

“Oh… Then I should be the one to get angry.” She drew out her voice. “You meet many good women
during social engagements, don’t you?”

It was a peculiar question. Dexter smiled lightly and loosened his grip. “Stop it.”

Josie stopped teasing him. She was exhausted from the whole day. At that moment, she hugged his
arm and shut her eyes peacefully.

Dexter looked down at her silent face and said, “I turned down a backdoor method today. Perhaps
public opinion will erupt over the next few days. I’ll be swamped.”

Josie opened her eyes and was solemn. “If you think this is the correct decision, do it.”

Dexter smiled, and he caressed her hair. “Go to sleep.”

The work studio’s projects were advancing steadily. Although Laura rarely came, Josie could tell Laura
looked much better.

“I’ve met the psychologist you recommended. He’s pretty good. Thank you.” Laura had taken her

Josie was happy when she heard it. “That’s great. It’s good that the doctor helps.”

“I have something to tell you.”

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