That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 482

Keys to Emerald Villa

“You!” Summer was livid because no one understood this point better than she did.

“Not only do I act like Liana, I even look like her. Tell me, is Dexter really treating me as her?” Josie had
long gotten over it, which was why she could poke fun at herself with no qualms. She saw Summer
enraged, just as she wanted,

Summer’s chest heaved and differed from her usual calm, ladylike demeanor. She stepped back
because Josie had come out of the hot spring. Josie took a towel from the side and put it around
herself. Her wet hair fell on her shoulders, and water rolled into her towel.

“You’re too self-righteous. Dexter will never love you. He only loves Liana’s replacement!” Summer
sneered. She couldn’t accept it. “Furthermore, do you think he really loves you? If he does, why am I
still around?”

As she spoke, she took out a set of keys. Two words were engraved on them. ‘Emerald Villa.

Josie furrowed her brows. She didn’t expect this.

“Why do you have these keys?”

Summer smiled in satisfaction when she saw Josie surprised. “You’re not the only one who has gone to
Emerald Villa. Back when I was in the country, Dex deliberately prepared the place for me so I could
prepare for my exams. You’re just a parasite!”

Dexter had never talked about it, so Josie didn’t know if it was true or false. She only knew that the
keys in Summer’s hands were real.

Josie loved that place. She could smell the salty sea breeze. It was quiet and comfortable. Did that
place belong to Summer?

“Vaste and Russell Group worked together. Dex wanted me to come and go comfortably, so he
deliberately arranged for me to stay in Emerald Villa.” Summer smiled. “By the way, the peach tree is
growing well. Have you seen it?”

It was hard for Josie not to suspect anything when Summer spoke fondly of it.

She even knows what’s planted in the backyard. Josie’s throat closed up.

Summer felt that she had touched Josie’s sore spot, and she continued. “Some things were born to be
mine. No one can take it from me!”

Josie was silent for a moment, and Summer continued attacking her. “Why aren’t you saying anything?
It seems like the preference you’ve received as Mrs. Russell isn’t such a big deal anymore.”

“Not a big deal?” Josie smiled when she heard it. “There are many unopened clothes in Mason
Garden’s wardrobe. I bought them when I argued with him. I kept buying, and he kept increasing the
credit limit. He had never felt upset over how much I spent. You say that this is nothing because he’s

“You came into our room and naturally knew where my things were. You don’t know that Dexter
personally arranged them, do you? I didn’t even know where my things were, but if I asked him, he
could quickly locate them and give them to me.”

Josie smiled. “There was news of an official being disgraced recently. Did you see it? He had malicious
intentions and almost tarnished my reputation. Dexter came in the nick of time. He was furious and

pulled the man down from his high position. I saw his retribution in a few short days.”

“You’re also in this circle, Ms. Olsen. You naturally know how much weight that holds.”

Summer’s crimson lips trembled slightly. Not only did she know, but she was also a part of it.

“After what happened with Ivy, a nasty knife scar was left on my abdomen. Dexter personally drew a
thistle tattoo so I won’t be upset. He said it was to trap me by his side.”

“Do you want to take a look?”

Summer took a deep breath. “You’re shameless!”

Tm shameless indeed. I’ve always been shameless with you, haven’t I?”

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