That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 499

Proclaiming Mrs Russell’s Presence

Josie’s abdomen pain decreased a lot after taking medicine. Still, she couldn’t eat or sleep well
because she was worried about Russell Group.

The Internet connection in the hotel room was poor, so she went to a café in the hotel with her laptop
and stared at the market situation. That way, she would know how Dexter was doing. She was afraid it
wasn’t going well.

“Baby, can you hear me?” Josie stroked her abdomen and said softly. “Your Daddy is now experiencing
tough times. Let’s watch him get through this time without mishaps, alright?”

“If… if there’s another life, you have to come back to Mommy,” Josie said with a gentle expression.

At this time, a figure came into her view. She was surprised to see Heather, the woman who had
entered Dexter’s room yesterday and was also Arnold’s assistant.

Heather’s voice rang. “I understand, Mr. Carter. I’ll do it!

Heather also saw Josie. Josie looked straight at her, and Heather couldn’t avoid her gaze.

Heather nodded slightly and was just about to leave when Josie stopped her. “Wait a moment, Ms.
Riley.” Heather stood still, and her pitch–black eyes were listless. “Ms. Warren.”

“Don’t you know who I am? Why don’t you call me ‘Mrs. Russell‘?” Josie flaunted her identity again.
She felt that Heather wasn’t a big fan of hers.

“Mr. Russell doesn’t like outsiders to advertise Mrs. Russell’s presence in public, so I didn’t.” Her
actions and words showed how much she understood Dexter.

Josie wasn’t angry. “Have a seat.”

“I have something to do.”

Josie smiled. “I said, have a seat.”

Heather was slightly astonished. She never thought Josie could imitate Dexter’s calm and assertive
demeanor so well. Heather pulled a chair and sat down.

“Excuse me for asking, but what is your family background like, Ms. Riley?” Josie ordered an
Americano and put it before Heather.

“I’ve been an orphan since I was young and grew up in an orphanage. I made it through high school
and college thanks to Carter Group’s financial aid. So I guess my family background isn’t great,”
Heather answered calmly.

“You’re quite grateful, Ms. Riley. Did you become Arnold’s assistant right after graduating?” She was
snide. “I see that the bracelet on your wrist is quite invaluable!

Heather nodded. “I owe my life to Mr. Carter.”

“So you’ll do whatever he asks you to,” Josie said softly, “you don’t have to avoid it. Arnold told me that
this issue with Russell Group has something to do with him. So you came to the United Kingdom to do

for him.”


“You know everything.”

“But I want to know where the huge funding behind Carter Group came from. He created such a
situation with just a slip–up in the project. Can you tell me, Ms. Riley?” Josie leaned forward slightly,
and the necklace around her neck dangled mid–air.

Heather imitated her demeanor and smiled. “I’m only Mr. Carter’s secretary. I don’t know anything


“Let me guess. Is it the Olsen family?“,

Heather’s smile froze as she had never thought Josie would guess so quickly.


Heather was dumbstruck.

Josie knew the answer when she asked. She had just wanted to confirm it.

Heather looked down at her cell phone as she was being questioned. She saw something and seemed
to breathe a sigh of relief. She answered Josie, “Your guess is correct. The Olsen family is making a
move against Russell Group. They’re pouring huge sums of funding into Russell Group’s stocks. As far
as I know, this situation won’t improve soon.”

Josie’s expression changed slightly.

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