That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 487

Green Dress

Dexter smiled lightly, and his expression was incomprehensible.

Mr. Matton suddenly slammed his glass and pointed upward. “I have a way to hide it for you.”


Mr. Matton was slow to speak.

Dexter restrained his smile. “I won’t do anything illegal. Arnold has often failed this way. Do you
understand. Mr. Matton?”

When Mr. Matton heard it, he was displeased and rolled his eyes. “Mr. Russell, you must do certain
things to survive in this industry. Don’t tell me you’ve never done so.”

Dexter put his glass down and picked up another one at the side. He smelled it. “What did you do to
make them hide a big problem like this slip-up in the project?

Mr. Matton was in a dilemma when the private room’s doors were opened. A voice was heard before
anyone could be seen. Two important figures are discussing business in Sky Palace here today. It’s my
oversight for coming late.”

Dexter looked up and saw Arnold in a glamorous white suit as he walked in with a smile.

A woman was behind him. Surprisingly, it was Heather, whom he had met twice. She wore a green
dress today, and her silhouette was outlined distinctly. She looked gentle and obedient.

Heather subconsciously avoided Dexter’s gaze when their eyes met.

“You shouldn’t have, Mr. Carter,” Mr. Matton said.

Arnold had found a seat at the side and sat down. After that, he tried the tea on the table. The person
who made this tea is a disgrace. Come, make a new pot.

His gaze fell on Heather. “You do it.

Heather nodded. “Alright.”

She was dressed in a vintage style, and the tea set in front of her suited her. Mr. Matton couldn’t look
away. “Pfft. You have good taste in women, Mr. Carter. How can you work with such a cutie next to

It was a vulgar way of teasing. Arnold wasn’t unhappy when he heard it. He lowered his voice, “My
assistant is great at making tea. Try it later, Mr. Matton

Dexter had looked away and played with the plain ring on his ring finger. His thoughts were

“Dexter, I heard that something happened with the Landon project?” Arnold asked as he leaned closer
to Dexter.

Dexter raised his eyes. “Yes. Mr. Matton was teaching me what to do, and then you came in. You
interrupted us, Arnold.”

Everyone understood the malice in his words.

Arnold hit his legs and smiled. “You should have listened to me in the first place and given Landon to
Carter Group. Then, these bad things wouldn’t have happened to you.”

“I must not have considered it thoroughly, Dexter answered.

Everyone laughed, but no one was genuine.

Listen to me, Mr. Russell. I can help you deal with the necessary examinations. Don’t worry.” Mr.
Matton didn’t give up and urged Dexter in front of Arnold.

Dexter pondered for a moment. It seemed like his reason triumphed over his desire for convenience.
“It’s too risky.

“It’s a risk being in this industry, isn’t it?”

Heather was done making tea, and she handed a cup to Dexter politely. “Mr. Russell.”

The man nodded. When he took the teacup, he briefly touched her fair fingers. She shrank back as

very nervous.

“Do you understand economic law, Mr. Matton? If I get caught. I’ll be jailed.” Dexter picked it up and
sipped it before looking at Arnold. “If you don’t understand, you can ask Mr. Carter. He knows it well.”

Heather saw Arnold’s face darken, but it quickly returned to normal. That’s right. My dad took a tumble
this way. It’s better not to take a risk.”

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