That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 497

Cervical Inflammation

Josie was pondering when she felt a sudden sharp pain in her abdomen again. She was instantly in a
cold sweat and cried out in pain.

She tried to tolerate it, but the pain didn’t decrease. In fact, the pain seemed to intensify. She gritted her
teeth and struggled momentarily before searching for a nearby hospital. Thankfully, it wasn’t very far


Josie composed herself and decided to hail a cab there. She had just left her room when she bumped
into a woman. The other party wasn’t young and had an ordinary appearance. She was dressed plainly,
but her outfit was evidently haute couture. She had an impressive demeanor.

Josic didn’t notice and was about to walk past that woman when the woman said, “Mrs. Russell?”

It was twenty percent doubtful and eighty percent certain.

Josie furrowed her brows. “Do you know me?”

The woman nodded. “I’ve seen you a few times at Calvin’s place. You’re always with Dexter Russell.”

The woman knew Calvin, so she must have been one of the more intimate members of Dexter’s

“You are…”

I’m Mallory Whiteford, Calvin’s girlfriend.”

Josie seemed to have heard the name before. “I’m Josie Warren.” She paused. “I have something
urgent to deal with. Talk to you next time.”

Mallory noticed Josie’s cold sweat and asked, “Are you feeling unwell?”

“Mm. My stomach hurts. It might be gastroenteritis.”

“I’ll send you there. I have nothing to do anyway. You’ll feel more at ease with someone around.”

Josie hesitated and thought that someone Calvin was close with must have been trustworthy, so Josie
nodded. “Thank you.”

She wasn’t so anxious with Mallory around.

In the car, Josie was still worried about Dexter. She hesitated and sent Arnold a message. It was
concise. ‘Does it have anything to do with you?”

There was no reply.

Her hand holding the cell phone was sweating.

At the hospital, the doctor heard Josie describe her symptoms and was quiet momentarily. “Ms.
Warren, 1 suggest you head to the gynecology department.”

“Gynecology department?”

At the gynecology department.

“You’re twenty-three days pregnant. The baby is lying inversely on your fallopian tube, which was

complicated by your inflamed cervix. It’s infected and bleeding, so I suggest you immediately get an
abortion. A female doctor was speaking. She must have seen many cases like this because her tone
was insensitive. 2

After that, the doctor looked at the young woman before her. “Are you married?”

Josie was stunned on the spot. She asked in disbelief. “I’m pregnant?”

The female doctor flipped through Josie’s medical history and answered impatiently, “Yes, only for
twenty-three days. There are no clear signs of pregnancy yet. Thankfully, this was discovered early. If
you had kept this child, it would have ultimately harmed you.”

“Cervical inflammation. It’s an illness women suffer from. The doctor repeated, “Miss, are you married?”

Before Josie could even rejoice from the initial delight of being a mother, her hopes were dashed. Her
eyes lost focus, and her gaze was detached. She nodded subconsciously and spoke without any
emotion. “Yes, but…”

The female doctor’s gaze instantly turned contemptuous when she heard Josie stammering. It seemed
like a common occurrence to her. “How did you get married in such a state? Your personal health is in
such a mess. Miss, is your husband with you?”

Josie touched her abdomen. She didn’t dare to imagine a child was in it.

“He… he’s busy,” Josie answered blankly. “Can I keep this child?”

“Of course not! Do you want to die? Do you want a child so badly?”

The fetus was only twenty-three days old.

Not even a month. What kind of grave sin was committed? It wasn’t even formed.

Josie walked out in a daze with her prescription. Mallory was waiting for her on a bench and rose when
she saw Josie. “How was it?”

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