That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 498

Did the Birth Control Pills Cause an Ectopic Pregnancy?

Before she could answer, her cell phone vibrated. Arnold had replied. ‘Yes.‘

He admitted it openly.

Josie answered Mallory’s question. “I’m pregnant.”

Mallory raised her brows and was about to congratulate Josie when Josie continued. “It’s an ectopic
pregnancy. The doctor suggested that I abort it immediately.” D

She saw Mallory’s smile dim.

“What do you think?”

“No. At least not for now. Dexter and Russell Group are at a critical juncture. I don’t have the time to do
such a thing.” D

Josie answered decisively. She took her prescription to get some medicine and asked the doctor to
prescribe temporary painkillers.

Mallory followed Josie. “Are you overthinking this? You should discuss this with Dexter. After all, he’s
the child’s father.”

Josie didn’t know if this was a cruel joke on herself or fate. “He doesn’t have the time for me now. It’s
just a child that can’t be born. It’s not important.”

She couldn’t help but think. How will Dexter react if he finds out he has a child? Will he be happy or
indifferent? But Dexter doesn’t like children. Otherwise, he wouldn’t make me take birth control. D

She couldn’t help but think… Is it because the birth control pills harmed me and caused this ectopic
pregnancy? She shouldn’t have been overthinking at such a critical juncture. D

Mallory caught up to Josie and cleared her throat. “As an outsider, I shouldn’t comment, but he should
at least know.”

Josie took her medicine and forced a smile. “Of course. I’ll tell him.”

However, Dexter’s negotiations went on the whole day.

The negotiation teams of both parties were neck and neck.

Dexter oversaw the entire process. When faced with various funding representatives, he stood his
ground. He even skillfully made an unrelated joke.

Countless prying gazes were on him.

Capital never sleeps. Companies deteriorated every day, so no one found it strange. They wanted to
see how Dexter would turn the situation around and shrewdly make a comeback. Russell Group’s
survival depended on Dexter.

During the break, the media quickly published articles. They said that Dexter had privately met with an

executive who had met with the same crisis and successfully resolved it.

On the other end, Larry deftly reported the current capital situation of Russell Group and foreign
investors. “Our restraint against Carter Group was useless. There must be someone behind Arnold.”

“Investigate,” Dexter spoke succinctly..

Larry didn’t sense too much of a crisis. It seemed like nothing terrible would happen as long as Dexter
stood firm. O

Dexter rubbed his eyes for the third time. He didn’t look worried. On the other end, Calvin was
perceptive. “What’s wrong with your eyes?”

Dexter’s tall and slender figure walked forward, and he said, “Ignore me.”

His eyelids had been twitching the whole day, and it upset him. He wanted to lose his temper for no
reason, as though something had happened…

Calvin handed him a cell phone. “Call her. Since she’s here, she’s clearly worried about you.”

Dexter had his first genuine laugh in twenty–four hours but didn’t take the cell phone. “It’s alright. She’ll
be more worried if I call her. I’ll talk to her when it’s done”

“Have you fallen in love with her?” Calvin said half–jokingly in an amazed tone.

Dexter continued walking forward, and he seemed to have relaxed slightly. “Indeed. An unmarried
person like you won’t understand.”

The corners of Calvin’s mouth twitched. He questioned why he had to come thousands of miles to
listen to Dexter brag.

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