That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 496

Why Is She Doing It?

Josie lay on the bed for a while. The pain in her lower abdomen had gradually dissipated. She didn’t
think about it further and thought her code red was almost upon her.

Laura video-called her and teased her. “You have such a great relationship with your husband. The
entire circle knows how Mrs. Russell flew to London.”

Josie blushed when she heard it on the other end of the screen. “Laura, I’m worried about him.”

Laura shrugged. She was snuggled on a couch and looked very relaxed. “It must be nice. At least you
have someone to worry about and look forward to. Just do what you want to.”

Josie answered and told Laura that she had instructed Angel and Jade to handle work at the studio so
Laura wouldn’t worry. After that, Josie asked, “Where are you? It doesn’t look like Olsen Residence.

Laura’s surroundings looked unfamiliar.

“I’m at Dr. Eric’s office. Speaking about it, he’s late today.” Eric Skipworth was the psychologist Josie
had asked Matthew to introduce. Eric’s waiting list just to make an appointment was three months long.
Eric was only willing to accept Laura as a patient for Matthew’s sake.

“It seems like he puts you at ease.” I have to properly thank Matthew after I return to Wavery. “He…
hasn’t hit you again, has he? I mean Zach.”

Laura acknowledged it silently.

“I have a bad premonition. Do you think Dexter can win this time?” Josie was still worried. After all,
even Old Mr. Russell had been called into action. She didn’t have the nerve to visit him before coming
because she was afraid to spook him.

“Why are you worried? He’s Dexter Russell.” Laura was unconcerned, but she paused and was slightly
hesitant. “Actually, I’m not sure. Russell Group has been criticized for many years and has attracted
countless difficulties. It’s unknown if they premeditated this to drag him down.”

Josie was a lot more anxious after Laura said it. Her gaze fell on the documents Dexter had left. “I
suddenly thought of something…“

She had bumped into Yanis and Wyatt when she went to visit Old Mr. Russell. They looked very
secretive. Did this have something to do with them?

But Old Mr. Russell would protect Dexter if he knew, and it wouldn’t cause such a situation today.

“What is it?”

“It’s nothing. Perhaps I’m overthinking.”

Since she didn’t say anything, Laura thought of something. Laura suddenly realized and said, “Most of
the Olsen family’s business is at the ports, and they have access to foreign investment. Laura has been
taking over her family affairs these days. Perhaps.. Never mind…. I’m not sure.”

Josie was baffled. She wanted to ask further, but at this time, a man in a big, white robe appeared
behind Laura. Only his thin figure was seen, not his face. However, his veins protruded viciously on his
hands, looking slightly peculiar

He said. “Ms. Brandel, we should start

The voice sounded unfamiliar through the phone.

Laura answered, then said to Josic, “I’m going to hang up.”

The video call ended, and Josie was still lost in thought as she thought of what Laura had said. She
opened her laptop and searched for Summer’s name. As expected, a news article popped up. “The
Olsen family’s successor has returned to the country to take over and manage their business.

Summer’s photo was attached. She looked charming and gentle yet cunning.

The comments said she seemed as elegant as her father, Mark.

Josie searched for the various investments under the Olsen family. Eighty percent of it was related to
foreign investment.

She covered her mouth with her hand as she looked at the information. Her breathing slowed. down.

What if Summer wanted to devour Russell Group and leave Dexter with nothing? But why was she
doing it?

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