That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 504

Hiding the Truth

Calvin’s gaze turned conflicted. He turned around after hearing Mallory and pulled out his phone to
make a call.

No one answered.

“He doesn’t answer?”

“Mallory, Dexter is dealing with an urgent matter. We mustn’t disturb him.”

“Is Elisa’s situation not urgent?” Mallory looked at him in disbelief.

Calvin pondered and seemed conflicted. However, he chose to hide the truth. “You said that her
surgery was a success. That means she will be fine. We can afford to wait a little.”

“Calvin!” Mallory glared at him. “How could you say this? Don’t you know she nearly died?”

“I know!” Calvin gripped her arm and continued urgently, “But I also know Dexter’s matter involves the
livelihood of tens of thousands of employees.”

Mallory sneered angrily upon hearing him. She struggled to break free of his grip. “Are you saying you
won’t tell Dexter?”

Calvin looked away before replying, “He cares too much about Josie. It will mess up his focus if he fin
out about it. We need to wait until the crisis is resolved

“What about you? Do you also think the same?” Mallory turned to the subordinate dejectedly.

“I… Ms. Whiteford, what Mr. Barrett said is not unreasonable…” The subordinate hesitated before
gritting his teeth and continued, “I will go to the hospital now and arrange for the best treatment for Mrs.


“That won’t be necessary!” Mallory got up angrily to leave. She suddenly recalled something and
paused, standing with her back facing Calvin. “If I get into an accident, will you do the same to me?”

“There’s no need to make such an assumption.

Mallory left without another word.

“You’re not chasing her?”

“Forget it… It’s not the right time. Calvin stared in the direction she left for a long time before looking
away. Then, he called Dexter’s office in Wavery.

“Mr. Russell came to the office last night but had already boarded the flight to return to the United
Kingdom. Based on my estimation, the plane had just taken off.

There was a sense of finality in his tone.

Thankfully, the doctor’s concern that Josie might not regain consciousness was unfounded. She woke
up the following day. The lead doctor sighed in relief and told Mallory, “She has a strong will to live. It’s
good that she doesn’t lose hope.”

Mallory felt conflicted. She guessed what gave Josie the strong will to survive.

Josie was transferred to the general ward and needed to recuperate for a long time. She lay in bed,

weak and broken.

“Why are you looking at me like that? I’m fine. I would have to terminate my pregnancy eventually. I
was already mentally prepared for it. Don’t worry about me: Josie squeezed out a smile. “By the way,
how is the situation at the financial center?”

Mallory held Josie’s hand. “You should rest first. We can talk about this another time.”

Josie had an oxygen mask over her face. Vapors formed on the clear mask surface whenever she
breathed. She shook her head with difficulty. “You can tell me. How’s the situation with Russell Group?”

Mallory stood at the side and could not help but look away to mask her sadness.


“Oh, it’s nothing. How could anything happen to Dexter? You know how cunning he is. How can anyone
do anything to him? Don’t worry.” Mallory did not dare to meet Josie’s gaze.

Josie was exhausted, but she could only rest with ease after hearing Mallory’s words.

Nothing seemed to happen for the next few days.

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