That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 503

He Must Not Know

The car’s airbag burst out of the compartment, causing Josie severe injuries. The doctor had no choice
but to terminate her pregnancy immediately

The surgery was complicated. Worst, Josie suffered severe bleeding in the middle of the operation.
Mallory gripped the doctor’s hand and pleaded, “Please, doctor. You must save her. Money is not an

The doctor rushed into the surgery room. “I’ll do my best!”

Mallory stood still in a daze and wiped her tears. She had called Calvin for the first time in the recent
few days, but it went unanswered.

She felt overwhelmed with too many things that had happened tonight.

Meanwhile, Dexter and Mark negotiated for a long time but could not reach an agreement.

Mark remained firm in his stance. “Dexter, I want you to divorce your wife and marry Summer. You
know. I’ve always preferred you over Arnold. If you agree, everything will be yours. Even the Olsen
family will become yours.”

Unbeknownst to Josie and Mallory, someone also came to London.

Xanthe was there. The person she sent to observe Josie arrived and reported that Josie got into a car
accident on her way to the financial center. The airbag severely injured her, and she was still in surgery.

Xanthe stood up in surprise. Then, she collected herself and asked, “Dexter has gone to Olsen
Residence. What’s the situation there?”

“Ms. Olsen has been in love with Mr. Russell for many years. They will probably force him to marry

“I understand…. He mustn’t know what happened to her no matter what, at least not today! Do you

“Yes, Ms. Quorn.

It was late at night. Mallory drove so speedily that she nearly crashed into another car. She opened the
window and apologized to the other car’s driver, allowing the wind to blow and mess up her hair. “Sorry.
I’m truly sorry. I was rushing because of an urgent matter….”

The driver was stunned and could not help but feel compassion for a crying, beautiful woman. “You
mustn’t drive so fast even though you’re in a rush.”

The financial center was brightly lit even at this hour. Mallory wanted to go in, but someone stopped
her. “I’m sorry, Miss. Can you show me your work identification?”

“I have an urgent matter. Do you know Dexter Russell? I must see him!”

The receptionist thought she was a troublemaker. Tm sorry. That’s not possible.”

It was three in the morning. Mallory stood downstairs and waited for a chance to see Dexter. Suddenly,
the nurse called her. “Ms. Whiteford, your friend’s surgery is a success, and we have moved her to the
ICU. She will be fine if she wakes up,”

Mallory breathed a sigh of relief. She looked up and shouted in public for the first time. “Calvin! Answer
your phone!

Her loud voice attracted much attention. The receptionist rushed to her immediately. “Miss, you can’t
shout here’

However, Mallory did not care. She dodged the receptionist and kept shouting “Calvin!”

She refused to stop despite knowing the people upstairs could not hear her.

Mallory bit her lip. She had been crying all night, so her eyes were red and puffy.


The commotion attracted spectators. A man in a suit came out from the building and rushed over when
he heard noises. He was shocked to see Mallory. “Ms. Whiteford!”

“You work for Dexter!” Mallory was so relieved that she cried.

“What are you doing here?”

Mallory grabbed his hand as if clinging to a lifeline. “Where is Dexter?”

The man had a bad premonition when he saw the desperation in her eyes. “What happened?”

He brought Mallory to the thirty-second floor.

“A car crash?”

Calvin was pouring a glass of water for Mallory. His hands shook slightly. The hot water spilled onto the
back of his hand, leaving a red patch. “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine. My seat was in the blind spot. However, Josie bore the brunt of it. She has just come out of
the surgery and is in a severe condition.”

“She only found out about her ectopic pregnancy two days ago. Now, the doctor had no choice but to
terminate it.”

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