That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 494


Heather was astonished. After that, she turned to walk out decisively and discreetly. Before the door
closed, he added, “Armani doesn’t suit you.”

Heather’s expression immediately changed. Dexter retreated to close the door when Josie appeared in
his view.

The room door across from his suddenly opened, and Josie appeared in his sight with information in
her hands.

Heather clearly saw that when Dexter saw Josie, his expression changed, and he immediately looked
clear- headed.

Josie naturally saw it as well, and she was astonished.

Her flight had landed in the wee hours of the morning. After that, she followed the address Larry had
given her to Dexter’s hotel. It was two hours from daybreak, and she was afraid she would miss Dexter,
so she could only get a room and put her things in it first. She never thought she would see such a

when she came out.

It was an inexpressible humiliation. Josie naturally thought of the worst when she saw the scene. It was
a huge shock. As it turned out, he didn’t want her to come.

Josie felt a tightness in her chest, and her stomach felt ill. She didn’t look at the man. She held the door
handle and closed the door.

At this time, she suddenly felt a breeze. A strong force grabbed her wrist, and Dexter forcefully pulled
her into his room before turning and kicking the door shut.

Even if Heather wasn’t very sensible, she understood what was happening.

“You’ve misunderstood.”

He trapped her in a corner, and their faces were particularly close. They could smell each other’s
scents. After almost losing him, his sincerity moved her.

“Who is she?” Josie felt slightly smothered.

“You’ve seen her. She’s Arnold’s assistant.”

“You were talking to her in a bathrobe?”

Dexter’s expression instantly softened. “I was exhausted. I had just awoken when she came.”

It dispelled Josie’s misgivings. She sighed and reached out to caress the delicate veins on his side
profile. Her eyes were wide open as they dimmed and lit up. She smiled. “You were so fierce just now.
You scared


Dexter grabbed her hand. “When did you come?”

Joşie smiled and lied. “I just arrived. I woke you.”

“It’s alright.” Dexter’s gaze fell on the things in her hands. He could roughly guess what it was when he
saw the keywords clearly. Dexter felt vaguely tired just by looking at it.

Josie seemed gentle and had no opinions of her own. In reality, she was bright and intelligent. Smart
girls usually had a common habit. They were always earnest.

She had come to the United Kingdom today for Russell Group, not him.

Dexter looked deeply at the woman before him and felt uninterested for the first time. He let her go.

Josie was smart. When she saw his gaze, her heart sank. Oh no.

She was quick. When Dexter turned, she tightly hugged his waist from behind. “Larry gave this to me.
Furthermore, I wanted to see you.”

She babbled and explained in a rush.

Dexter could read her emotions. After she said it, he immediately understood that Josie’s last sentence
was why she had come to the United Kingdom.

His heart softened, and a smile quickly appeared on his face. The corners of his lips curved, and he
looked a lot gentler.

Dexter was a healthy man and had been stirred by Calvin’s scene last night. With the beautiful woman
in his arms, he couldn’t restrain himself even if he wanted to.

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