That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 505


Once the effects of the medication wore off. Josie felt pain from deep in her bones, waking her from her

She was severely injured in a car accident and underwent surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy.
Yet, Dexter did not show up. Has he not been informed? Or does he know but doesn’t wish to see me?

The realization felt more painful than anything she had experienced.

Mallory refused to let her use any communication device. It was because reporters took photos of
Dexter leaving Olsen Residence. The images showed a man dressed in black clothes and Larry behind
him, quietly leaving the place.

The photos were published with a shocking title. ‘Dexter Russell flew to Wavery despite Russell Group
in crisis just to visit a feverish Ms. Olsen?”

However, Mallory underestimated Josie’s astuteness. Her precautions allowed Josie to guess that
something was wrong.

Once her condition improved, Josie waited until Mallory left the ward to search for her phone and


The phone vibrated non-stop the moment she turned it on. Various apps sent her notifications of the
news. Moreover, someone sent her a photo.

Josie opened it without thinking.

What she saw stunned her for a while before she could recover her thoughts.

The photo showed a room. Judging from the decorations, it was a woman’s room. Furthermore, it
showed Dexter had turned around to leave. He seemed in a hurry.

Summer was an intelligent person. She knew she did not have to say anything. All she needed was a
photo to strike Josie with a severe blow.

The photo was taken on the same day as Josie’s accident

Then, she scrolled down the news. Her hands shook as she read them.

The news speculated that Dexter and Summer would get married soon.

Suddenly, Josie felt like a fool. She fought so hard to survive, only to be rewarded with this.

“She survived?” Xanthe sounded astonished.

The person reporting to her hesitated briefly before continuing, “Yes, she survived, but… she had
surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy. Currently, she is weak and has to recuperate in the hospital
for a long time.

Xanthe did not plan to kill her because she did not want Josie to die so easily. After all, Josie and
Dexter had not divorced. If she died, Dexter would be known as the man who failed to protect his wife.
It would tarnish his reputation.

At the moment, rumors about Dexter and Summer’s potential marriage were rampant. Moreover, the
crisis involving Russell Group remained unresolved. Dexter was so busy dealing with all these matters
in London that he did not have time for anything else.

Since the matter had come to this, Xanthe could not allow Josie to remain in her position for long.

Meanwhile, Mallory noticed drastic changes in Josie’s behavior. She stopped asking about Russell
Group and stared out the window most of the time.

Mallory tried to bring up the matter a few times but could never gather the courage to say anything.

Today, Xanthe brought a group of people to Josie’s ward. It was not apparent what she was up to this

Her bodyguard pushed a man to stand before Josie’s bed. The man had a cast on his arm. He kneeled
and apologized, “Mrs. Russell, I’m sorry. It was my fault. I shouldn’t have answered a call while driving
and caused you to be injured. I… I deserve to die….

Josie realized the man was the taxi driver from that day.

She frowned and wanted to help him to stand up. However, she could not get up from her bed.

One of the bodyguards stepped forward and raised her hospital bed so that she could see more clearly.
Josie instantly noticed Xanthe standing at the side.

Is it her? She’s also in the United Kingdom.

Xanthe smiled and said gently, “I found the culprit for you. You can punish him any way you want.

Josie was unmoved and replied indifferently, “Let him go.”

Xanthe’s expression changed. She narrowed her eyes and said, “He nearly killed you.”

Josie looked down and adjusted her quilt. She was not surprised that Xanthe showed up in her ward.

“I permitted him to answer the call. Therefore, I’m partially at fault for this accident. I have no reason to
punish him.

The man was only a taxi driver, and his family relied on him for their livelihood. Josie did not want
anyone to suffer on her account.

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