That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 501

High Fever

Josie slammed into something sharp. She saw blood before her eyes and felt a throbbing pain in her
head. She felt like she was about to collapse and panicked. No! I can’t get hurt now. I have important
things to settle.

However, she soon blacked out.


Meanwhile, Dexter’s subordinate received urgent news at a financial institution.

“This is the latest news. Carter Group increased the amount of capital.” The subordinate stood before
the computer and appeared anxious as he walked to Dexter. “Based on our past estimate, Carter
Group would never be able to fork out such a high sum unless he had secret support. Mr. Russell…”

Dexter stood before the floor–to–ceiling window and looked at the skyscrapers in the distance. He
already had a plan in mind.

Calvin nafrowed his eyes. “Could it be the Olsen family”

Larry added, “It will be difficult to top that amount even if we were to gather all our available funds.
Moreover, with the ongoing credibility issue, no banks will be willing to loan us money. It’s a dead

All their funds came from the company or Dexter’s private fund. Even if they were to offer all they had,
it would still be in vain.

“Dex, you must decide carefully from this point on.” Calvin was discouraged after the pressure and
stress of the past few days.

“Give me the phone,” Dexter said suddenly. His expression was tense.

Larry immediately handed it to him. He unlocked the screen and was surprised that Elisa had not called
yet. Perhaps she did not want to disturb him.

He scrolled down the call log quickly and called a number. Everyone waited with bated breath.

The call got through, and a gruff male voice sounded, “Dexter, it’s late. What’s the matter?”

Dexter’s expression was grim, but his voice sounded amicable. “Mr. Olsen, if I’m not mistaken, we
agreed to cooperate. Why did you suddenly backstab me?”

His friendly tone carried an unmistakable hint of threat. Even Mark could not help but shudder as he

“Dexter, I don’t understand what you mean.”

Dexter replied immediately, “Mr. Olsen, you’ve got to be kidding me.”

The other end fell silent. It seemed Mark communicated something with his secretary. When he finally
spoke, his tone was slow and deliberate, brimming with the tricks of a cunning businessman. “It was
only an expression of interest, and there was never any formal agreement. Dexter, you’re too rash.”

“Sounds like you’re trying to burn your bridges, Mr. Olsen.” Gareth pursed his lips and continued,
“Anyway, you’re wrong. I wouldn’t have allowed the Olsen family to turn their situation around if I was
rash. What do you think?”



Dexter rarely brought up the past. Thus, Mark was taken aback by Dexter’s remark. It was his first time
hearing Dexter talking about it. He replied solemnly, “Wait for a moment.”

Three minutes after Mark hung up, Calvin asked curiously, “What is he up to?”

Dexter did not respond but asked Larry, “Have you resolved the issue at the construction?”

“I’ve reported it. Although the supervisor was angry, he agreed to let us compensate for it because
we’ve been behaving well.”

“Minimize the impact of the issue as much as possible within half a month and make sure the public
never finds out that Russell Group is on the verge of collapse.”

“Yes, sir.”

Dexter looked down at the phone in his hand. The screen suddenly lit up with a call from Mark.

However, Dexter did not answer it. He allowed it to continue ringing for forty seconds before the phone
went silent. Calvin asked anxiously, “Why didn’t you answer it?”

“He will call again.”

Calvin had nothing to say.

As Dexter predicted, the phone rang again ten seconds later. He answered it this time.

“Mr. Olsen.”

“Dexter, Summer is severely ill with a high fever. I’m afraid I can’t give you an answer,” Mark said
simply and briefly.

Dexter narrowed his eyes.

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