That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 502

No Other Options

Dexter was intelligent. Of course, he knew what Mark meant.

It was an excuse to oppress Dexter.

Since the Olsen family dragged personal feelings into business, Summer’s fever was not what it
seemed. Since Dexter did not respond, Mark continued slowly, “I know you’re anxious, but we cannot
afford any delay with Summer’s current condition. I believe you understand what you should do right

Mark hung up.

Calvin threw the documents on the floor in his fury. “That sly old fox! He is forcing your hands. Dex,
must not go. It’s a trap.”


Dexter’s gaze was stern as he looked at the vast night scenery outside the window. “Since they are
waiting to see what I will do, I’ll give them a good show. Arrange a flight for me tonight. Make sure no
one finds out where I’m going.”

He would go and show concern for the severely ill Summer. That was what the Olsen family wanted to
see. Thus, he was willing to act it out if it meant getting the Olsen family to cancel their investment in
Carter Group.

Calvin grabbed Dexter’s arm and looked at him solemnly. “Are you sure you should do this? Josie will
be disappointed if she finds out.”

Dexter was briefly stunned. “That’s why no one should know where I’m going.”


“We don’t have an option.” Dexter enunciated each word.

Calvin slowly let go of him.

The plane flew straight to Wavery. After it landed, Dexter got off and headed straight to Olsen

Once they entered the Olsen Residence compound, Dexter noticed a Bentley traveling past them in the
rearview mirror. It looked somewhat familiar.

By now, Summer’s fever had subsided. She was resting when Dexter walked in dressed entirely in
black. The sight surprised her, and she tried to sit up. “Dex, you’re here. Weren’t you in the United
Kingdom?” Dexter smiled warmly and touched her forehead. “Hmm, your fever has subsided.”

Summer could not believe he was right before her eyes. “Did… you travel all the way to see me?” Larry
replied, “Mr. Russell instructed me to book the flight tickets as soon as he heard the news.” Summer
blushed slightly. She looked into Dexter’s eyes and felt warmed by his gesture.

Then, Dexter asked about her condition. He did not mention work matters but held her hand and said
kindly, “I’ll be leaving tomorrow. You should get some rest.”

He left her room after that. The intimidating aura he suppressed while meeting Summer shrouded his


whole being. Mark was waiting for him in the study.

On the other hand, Summer was like a child being dotted on. She smiled happily and quietly took out
her phone to photograph Dexter’s back as he left.

The man in her photo wore a black jacket. He was eye–catching with his tall form and broad shoulders.
One could easily identify him from the image.

Summer was truly surprised that he had come. Dexter was rational and would not let emotions
influence his decisions. Yet, he came to see her,

Meanwhile, conniving men stood across each other in the study. Mark narrowed his eyes. “Dexter,
Russell Group wouldn’t have gotten into trouble if you had done this sooner.”

Dexter was unfazed. His smile did not meet his eyes. “assume it wasn’t you who decided to help Carter

Mark was impressed by Dexter’s astuteness and nodded. Then, he sat down with a sigh and said, “You
would have achieved great things if you were my son. Unfortunately, you’re not, and my son is useless.
Only my daughter is fit to inherit my position.”

Dexter sat down opposite him. “She is not fit either.”

Meanwhile, Josie has been undergoing surgery for four hours in a hospital in the United Kingdom.

Mallory waited outside the surgery room alone.

Josie’s father was in Wavery, so Dexter was her only family member in the United Kingdom.
Unfortunately, he was not here.

Mallory had no choice but to sign all the forms a family member should have signed. Her eyes were
slightly red, and her hand would not stop shaking whenever she signed. She started to regret
accompanying Josie to the United Kingdom to look for Dexter.

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