That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 508

Return to Wavery

Dexter’s eyelids would not stop throbbing after a trip back to Wavery. He nearly lost his temper as the
throbbing persisted throughout the meeting.

He sensed that something terrible had happened.

Dexter rubbed his brow and finally could not stand the feeling anymore. He shut his laptop and said,
“Go check on my wife and see if anything happened to her.”

Larry was surprised by the instruction and whispered, “But sir, didn’t you say…

A pair of sharp eyes suddenly focused on Larry, silencing him immediately.

He recalled what Dexter had said when he mentioned Josie on the plane. I will attract danger to her if I
get too close. I must endure it for the sake of her future.

Larry was stunned and did not expect Dexter to care about Josie so deeply that he considered her

The Olsen family would not give up easily. Josie would never be safe once they set their sights on her.
Moreover, Dexter could not protect her completely with Russell Group in crisis.

Larry rushed out of the meeting room and happened to see Calvin. Calvin asked, “What’s wrong? Why
the Tush? Did he tell you to do something?”

“Mr. Russell is worried about his wife and asked me to check on her.”

Calvin was surprised and glanced into the meeting room. Then, he turned solemn and pulle

side. “I’ve already gone to see her when you returned to Wavery. She is safe and sound in the worrying
about us.”

Larry was confused. “You went to see her?”

Calvin pursed his lips and nodded. “You don’t have to check on her anymore. Go back to Dexter and
inform him as I say so that he can focus on work. Also, have you completed all your tasks?”

“Not yet.”

“You should deal with them promptly.”

Larry nodded and was still puzzled. However, he did not find anything strange.

Josie stayed in the hospital for a few days and recovered slightly. She felt guilty that Mallory had to take
care of her daily in the hospital.

“Mallory,” Josie began softly. “I wish to return to Wavery”

Mallory frowned upon hearing her. “Don’t joke around. You are injured from the car accident and are
still recovering from the surgery on your womb. How can you move around?”

“My injury is not so severe. I just have to be careful, and I believe I can travel home.” Josie was

“Don’t you want to see Dexter?”

“I’ve checked the news recently and kept seeing articles about Grandpa. With his age, I’m concerned
that managing Russell Group will strain his health. That’s why I need to return to see him. Also, my
father has

called me many times, Josie explained patiently.

She was anxious about the lack of improvement to Russell Group’s situation. Instead of waiting
helplessly in the United Kingdom, she preferred to return to Wavery to check the situation.

“You….” Mallory was put in a difficult spot. After confronting Calvin that day, he came to her and
instructed her to take good care of Josie. She agreed, but as a woman, she could not help but feel
angry on Josie’s behalf, Still, she thought a change of environment might be good for Josie’s recovery.

“Mallory, there must be something special about you that Calvin keeps you by his side. Can you help
me with my request? I will repay this favor one day,” Josie said slowly.

Mallory had no choice but to assist her.

It was summer. Most passengers wore short sleeves and shorts on the plane. However, Josie wore
thick woolen clothes and stood out like a sore thumb.

Laura had been waiting for them at the airport since morning. Seeing Josie, she rushed over with a
coat and said, “How are you feeling? Are you okay? Here, take this. The airport’s air conditioning is too
chilly. You mustn’t catch a cold.”

Mallory handed over Josie in a wheelchair to Laura and asked, “Are you sure you’re okay?”

Josie nodded and thanked her. “She’s my friend. Don’t worry.”

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