That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 509

We Are Family

Mallory turned around and left to get onto another flight to return to the United Kingdom

Laura pushed the wheelchair and rushed to the car park. At the same time, she said, “What happened
to you? Why didn’t you contact me at all? How did you get into an accident? Why didn’t you tell me
about your ectopic pregnancy?”

“I’ll tell you about it later, but first, send me to Russell Group.”

Laura paused briefly but decided to do as Josie instructed.

After they were seated in the car, Laura gave her a summary of the situation in Wavery and added,
“Actually, you don’t have to worry. Dexter’s family has deep reserves. They will have no problem
persisting for half a month. It won’t be easy for Arnold to destroy such a large corporation.”

Then, she hesitated briefly and glanced into the rearview mirror before continuing. “Did you see the
news about Dexter and Summer?”

Josie curved her pale lips into a smile. “Yes. It was a setup,””

Laura instantly breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m glad that you understand. I was so anxious about the
rumors flying around and your condition.”

Josie had informed Henry that they would be visiting. They headed straight to De arriving at Russell
Group. Henry sat behind Dexter’s desk and wore a pair of read the documents. He seemed tired and


Upon hearing Josie’s voice, Henry looked up and was shocked to see her weak and brok immediately
and approached her. “What… What happened…”

He looked at her and felt heartbroken about her condition. However, he did not dare to ask too
questions or stare at her. He seemed nervous and unsure about what he should do.


Josie pretended not to notice and said half-jokingly, I’m okay. It’s only a minor injury, and I will recove
soon. Laura made a big fuss over a small matter and insisted I use a wheelchair.“

Henry observed her for some time. It broke his heart to see her injured. “How am I to answer your
father with you like this…”

Josie held Henry’s hand to comfort him.

“The construction side is mostly resolved for now. However, our finances are tight, Henry explained
after hearing Josie’s reason for visiting. He sighed and continued, “Russell Group and its branches
have tens of thousands of employees. Their salaries amounted to billions each month. Furthermore,
the company has all kinds of projects requiring capital. Our risk of bankruptcy gets higher the longer
Dex drags this matter.”

Josie understood his words. “In short, we are running out of money.”

Henry sighed, reminding her, “I told you this only because you wish to know. However, you must not
overexert yourself. Carter Group and Russell Group are in the midst of a pricing war. Don’t get

“But I’m Dexter’s wife. Grandpa, we are family. Family members should share burdens.” Josie had a
plan in mind. “Don’t worry. I will do what I can and won’t overexert myself.”

Henry was relieved to hear that.

Laura only dared to speak after they left Russell Group, “What are you planning to do? Are you going
to raise funds through our small studio or from your savings? We don’t have the means to fill such a
significant gap. If it were up to me, I would let Dex keep acting with Summer. He will get the funds if he
manages to convince Summer.”

“It’s perfectly normal to sacrifice a little when necessary.

Josie tightened the jacket around her body and pondered silently before saying, “Laura, can you help
me with something? I wish to meet Mark.”

Laura was stunned.

It was not easy to arrange a meeting with Mark. He was usually busy and had unpredictable schedules.
However, he had been shutting himself in Olsen Residence for the past few days due to Summer’s

Laura could not help but feel apprehension as she brought Josie to Olsen Residence. She rarely
interacted with her father-in-law. He was a prominent figure and was strict with the people around him.
She was scared of him.

“Don’t worry. I’ll tell him I came to the house alone and bumped into you at the door. I won’t cause you
trouble,” Josie comforted Laura.

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