That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 510

He Refuses to See You

“I don’t mean it that way. Laura clenched her teeth and opened the car door. “Wait for me here. I’ll go in
and talk to him.”

Josie waited in the Olsen Residence’s yard. It was windy, so she wrapped her coat tightly around her.
The summer breeze hurt like knives on her skin.

She observed Olsen Residence. It had a European design and was bigger than Mason Garden. A large
fountain was before the main entrance, and various flowers lined the paths. The place looked less like
a house and more like a castle.

Summer was the princess of this castle.

As Josic thought about this, she suddenly understood why Summer had an innate sense of being
better than everyone and looked down on others. It was understandable since she grew up in such an

Five minutes later, Laura rushed toward Josie and was shocked to see her in the yard. “Why did you
get out of the car? Does it hurt? Do you feel faint?”

Josie shook her head. “What did he say?”

Laura appeared troubled. “He… refuses to see you.”

It was as Josie expected.

She sighed and replied, “Can I trouble you to talk to him again? Tell him I wish to talk to him as
someone he once cherished.”

Laura widened her eyes in shock. “Have you lost your mind?”

Is she thinking of impersonating Liana Olsen, Mark’s precious daughter? How could she think of doing

“I don’t have a choice. Please give it a try.” Josie needed Mark’s support.

She never thought her facial resemblance with Liana would become helpful one day.

A blue Bentley suddenly barged into the yard as she waited for Laura to speak to Mark. The car plate
numbers were a row of eight. She could only think of one person owning such a car in Wavery.

Arnold stepped out of the car and hurried toward her. His smile gradually diminished as he saw her

His expression darkened when he saw the wheelchair next to her. “What happened? You were fine
before heading to the United Kingdom.”

Josie was not in the mood to joke with him. “Mr. Carter, you have such good memory. Wasn’t it all
thanks to you?”

Arnold looked away and concealed his emotions. His tone turned cold, “We shouldn’t talk about this.”

However, Josie could not help but be furious as she thought about Dexter being dragged into their
complicated schemes. The public doesn’t know about Carter’s Group’s involvement in Russell Group’s
crisis. The tracks are covered so well. You must be proud of yourself. Why do you even come to Olsen

Arnold stared at their combined shadows and replied. “Must you talk to me like this

Josie looked away

The two were in a cold war with each other.

Laura ran out of the house and was stunned to see them together. She said to Josie, “Mark still refuses
to see you. He is furious

Josie closed her eyes and clenched her teeth. “Tell him I will stand here and wait until he agrees to see

Those words made Laura panic, but Arnold replied sarcastically, “You must be tough, Mrs. Russell. I
can’t help but be touched to see you braving your illness to save your husband.”

Josie looked ahead and did not respond.

Arnold ignored her and proceeded into Olsen Residence. He was likely here to see Mark.

“Are you insane? I’ll help you think of another way. You can’t risk your health like this.” Laura was


“Laura. I’m certain that Summer is behind this matter, but Mark might not know yet. I need to explain
the matter and ask him to collaborate with Russell Group. Josie answered firmly.

“What difference would it make even if Summer is behind it? She is his daughter. Why would he side
with an outsider over his daughter?”

“A businessman places profit above everything. I have confidence that I can convince him. All I need is
a chance to meet him.”

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