That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 511

I’ll Bring Her Away

Josie was determined. Still, she would not push herself too far and sat in the wheelchair to wait. She

refused to leave.


Laura had no choice but to wait with her. The sunlight was very glaring during summer. She instructed
the servants to bring an umbrella.

Josie was engrossed in her thoughts. “Is Summer not here?”

“People said she has a high fever, but it’s only an excuse. She has been busy for days and has likely
received some tasks. She left the house early in the morning every day and came home late every

Things will be easier without Summer around.

“What about Zach? What kind of work does he do every day?”

“He manages some minor tasks Mark gave him, but he’s rich, so he spends most of his time in leisure”

Zach was Mark’s eldest son. He is truly a failure to be reduced to this state.

Does he still hit you!”

Laura smiled helplessly. “Depends on his mood. He won’t hit me if he’s in a good mood.”

Meanwhile, Mark and Arnold were in a study on the left of Olsen Residence’s top floor.

Mark stood on a ladder and took a book from the shelf. His posture seemed concerning. Arnold held
the ladder below and said, “You’re in good shape. I’m afraid my walking will be unsteady once I reach


Mark was pleased with his compliment. “You should drink less alcohol and spend less time with
women. Then, your body will recover by itself.”

“It can’t be helped. How can a businessman avoid alcohol and women completely?” Arnold smiled. He
noticed Mark wanted to get down the ladder and reached out to support him. “Perhaps you can help
me find a way to retire early?”

Mark was amused and jokingly chided him for being a rascal.

The two sat in the study and chatted for two hours. Arnold did not bring up any business matters and
said he only came to spend time with Mark to cheer him up. However, Mark later seemed distracted
and kept looking at the window.

Arnold noticed his restlessness and mentioned, “I think 1 saw Dexter’s wife on my way in. Why….”

“She came here for Russell Group.” Mark’s expression turned ruthless. “She’s the same as Dexter!
They don’t know what’s good for them!”

“It seems so. However, the sky looks like it’s going to rain soon. Perhaps you should send someone to
chase her out and avoid further trouble,” Arnold said indifferently, fiddling with his watch nonchalantly.

Hearing him, Mark called a servant over and ordered, “Go outside and check what’s going on.”

Soon, the servant returned and reported, “Mr. Olsen, she is still outside. It looks like it will be raining


Mark slammed his teacup on the table. “Why is she so stubborn? Does she think she can threaten me
this way? Dream on!”

The weather is unpredictable in summer. Suddenly, thunders rolled. Arnold’s heart skipped a beat. He
could not sit still anymore. “Anyway, it’s time for me to leave. What about I solve your problem for you,
Mr. Olsen.”

Mark closed his eyes and rubbed his brow. He did not answer.

Arnold stood up and nearly ran out of the house.

It was already raining outside. Even though Laura held an umbrella for Josie, the rain still splattered on
her. Her face was pale as a sheet, and she was shivering from the cold. She looked like she was about
to collapse.

Anger surged within Arnold. He rushed to her and yelled, “Are you trying to kill yourself?

Josie had labored breathing. She was also too weak to speak.

Laura held the umbrella and tried to stop him. However, Arnold held Josie in his arms and shouted,
“Don’t bother. I’ll get her out of here!”

With that, he carried Josie to the car and sped away.

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