That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 500

Russell Group’s Biggest Crisis

Russell Group’s operations were massive. They wouldn’t be ruined just because of project problems.
What troubled Dexter was the enormous sum Carter Group and the Olsen family had jointly poured into
the funding market. It was two different families. They were really going all out against Dexter.

Josie understood why Dexter didn’t contact her. He would get distracted.

Before leaving, Heather said, “If Russell Group loses this battle… You can imagine the consequences,


Josie’s heart sank. She couldn’t imagine what it would be like if Dexter was defeated.

He wasn’t a proud person, and he didn’t deserve to fall from grace.

Heather left, and Josie felt anxious.

Does Dexter know that the Olsen family is making a move against him?

Josie sat on the spot and researched Russell Group’s current situation for a long time.

Russell Group was on its own, and Dexter faced open and brazen pressure from all sides. This might
have been the most significant crisis Russell Group had met since they were established!

Dexter kept watch in the United Kingdom for over two days, and his schedule wasn’t publicly
announced. The reporters secretly took pictures of him looking haggard.

Josie stared at the photos and felt fiercely distressed.

She knew nothing about what Dexter dealt with but knew it was a fantasy world, and Dexter was
undoubtedly the king.

But today… the king might be dethroned.

Josie collected various information about Russell Group’s predicament. She looked at it the whole night
and forcefully made herself understand part of it.

She massaged the bridge of her nose lightly. You’re really making me worry, Dexter Russell…

The sun rose, and Josie knocked on Mallory’s door. “I can’t wait. I have to go to where they are. I want
to see him.”

Mallory was surprised yet stayed rational. “You won’t be of any help even if you go.”

“I have to personally tell him that the Olsen family is involved. They might not even know who their
enemy is. I must go.” Josie was determined. “Calvin has a reckless personality. He must have brought
you along because you’re important, so you should know where they are now, right?”

-The woman’s discernment made Mallory’s eyes light up. She took a deep breath before entering the

and taking her bag. “I’ll come with you.”

It was the morning rush hour in London, and traffic was terrible. The driver was friendly and spoke in
his British accent. “The financial conference center isn’t very peaceful recently. I only lost a few shares.
Are you employees? Why don’t you tell me about the current market situation.”

The scenery outside the window changed. Josie and Mallory looked at each other. “We’re tourists, and



we’re just sightseeing.”

The driver said, “Oh,” and stopped asking.

Josie was lost in thought as she looked at the traffic outside. She was clueless and would always

inconvenience him wherever she went, but she wanted to look and see how he was doing before she
felt at ease.

The driver’s cell phone rang as they were about to drive off the elevated road. He took his cell phone
from his pocket and smiled at his passengers. “I’m sorry. It’s a call from my wife.”

“It’s alright. You can go ahead.” Josie saw how happy he looked. He must love his wife deeply.

The driver answered the call as he drove with one hand on the steering wheel.

They were just coming off the elevated road, and traffic was all around them. The sounds of car horns
were incessant. Before Josie came to her senses, she heard a shriek beside her.

A car in front was rushing straight at them. Surprised, the driver threw his cell phone to the side, but it
was too late.


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