That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 507

I Need Time to Consider It

Who knew marriage was a tradable commodity in the sperite world?

Josie took a deep breath and observed Xanthe closely Does Dester know about thi

Xanthe looked away upon hearing her. I decided on my own, but if you sign this divorce document, in
sure he will also sign it”

Hearing het, Josie understood that Dexter did not know what happened to her

She felt a slight relief and pondered in silence for a while.

Xanthe thought Josie was swayed and continued. “Was it ectopic pregnancy!”

“This condition is harmful to a woman’s body. Since you have undergone surgery, there’s no point
grieving over it. After all, you’re still young. You can have children again after you recover” Xanthe
appeared compassionate yet rational. “I heard you opened a studio in Wavery. When the time comes, I
will provide some resources from my project to assist you. That way, you can live the same lifestyle as
during your marriage. You won’t have to worry about money.”

Josie’s mouth curved into a mocking smile as she listened to Xanthe’s enticing offers. “Ms. Quorn,
when we met at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, you advised me to have children to bind Dexter to me. That
wasn’t too long ago. Why did you change your mind?”

Xanthe’s expression darkened. That was in the past. The situation has changed.”

“Yes, it has changed. News about Summer preparing to take over the Olsen family business causes
many people to panic. Even you are one of them.”

She must have thought to please her future daughter-in-law in advance so she would not have to tip-
toe around her son. That way, she could get anything she wanted.

Xanthe avoided Josie’s gaze.

“Ms. Quorn, what you say to me now is no different from what Summer told me. It seems you two are
doing everything to make me divorce Dexter,”

Xanthe was running out of patience.

Before she could say anything, Josie said with much difficulty, “Since that is the case, give the
documents to me. I’ll think about it.”

Xanthe was stunned. She did not expect to convince Josie so quickly and thought she needed much
effort. She even readied the bodyguards to force Josie to sign the papers.


“Shouldn’t you at least give me a few days to consider?” Josie smiled bitterly.

Xanthe thought it was a reasonable request and opened her briefcase. Then, she gave Josie a stack of
documents and stuffed a pen into her hand.

The large front heading Divorce Agreement’ looked incredibly annoying to Josie.

She did not read the conditions closely but assumed it stipulated that she would get any settlement

I Need Time to Consider It

the divorce. She quickly flipped to the final page and said solemnly, “You should leave.”

Xanthe stood up and looked down at Josie. “You should decide as soon as possible. That’s the best for


Josie gripped the documents and wondered. If Dexter needs me to leave him to get out of this crisis,
am I willing to give up my position?

She closed her eyes. “Please leave. I need to rest.”

Xanthe snorted coldly and quickly left the ward.

Mallory returned from outside and bumped into Xanthe, who was leaving. The two exchanged glances.
Suddenly, Mallory snorted and said, “Who knew an upper-class lady would stoop so low as to pressure
a severely injured patient? I wonder what the public would say if they knew this.”

However, Xanthe was arrogant, thinking that she had a trump card. “Mind your own business.”

Mallory did not reply but watched Xanthe and her entourage leave. Then, she rushed to Josie’s ward
and saw her sitting on the bed, solemnly looking out the window.

Mallory half kneeled before Josie. “Are you okay? Did she do anything to you?”

__The sunlight glared, making Josie’s eyes appear clear as crystals. She replied softly, “She wanted
me to

divorce him.”

Mallory was stunned with disbelief. “Did you agree?”

Josic pointed to the divorce agreement at the side. “I said I will consider it.”

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