That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 514

Permanent Profit

Josie looked up and saw Arnold walking languidly toward her, dressed in casual clothes. He stood
leaning against the bookshelf and spoke in a mocking tone.

She looked away and replied, “You shouldn’t have brought me away.”

I had stayed there a little longer, Mark might agree to meet me.

“I thought staying by Dexter’s side would make you wise. I didn’t expect you to be so naïve.” Arnold
sneered before continuing. You should know what kind of person Mark is. He has authority over the
whole city and has never experienced defeat. What makes you think he will give up a major project for

Arnold said those words with resentment. At the same time, he felt guilty and concerned for her.
However, he hid those feelings.

“But Mark didn’t start this project. It was Summer, right?” Josie panted as she looked into his eyes.
“You joined forces with her, didn’t you?”

Arnold avoided her gaze and appeared stern. Josie, business is a battlefield. There’s no friendship,
only shared profits.”

I understand. That’s why I never begged for your help even when things have come to this state.
Meeting with Mark is my only hope.”

Josie’s thoughts were clear.

“Do you know Dexter submitted to Mark’s demands for Russell Group’s sake and met with Summer?
He never respected you as his wife,” Arnold said frankly. “He only cares about profit. It’s pointless to

sacrifice your well-being for him.”

Silence hung in the air between them and gradually felt suffocating.

Josie gripped the blanket tightly as if it was her lifeline. She forced down the indignance in her heart
and replied, “You might think I’m stupid, but I believe husband and wife are one. That means I need to
share his burden. Otherwise, how do I deserve to be called Mrs. Russell?”

Josie was doubtful and confident, stupid and clever. Arnold found it hard to believe all those qualities
belonged to the same person.

He laughed despite his anger. “What are you going to do? Even if you get to meet Mark, what then? He
will always side with his daughter. What makes you think he will help you just because you resemble

Josie was rendered speechless. Her gaze turned dazed. “That’s my only bargaining chip.”

“I want to tell him that he will never regret choosing Russell Group. The value that Dexter can generate
is far more than the immediate benefit before him.”

Arnold nodded and paced slowly. Then, he took the soup from the bedside table and brought a
spoonful to her lips.

Josie remained still.

“Open your mouth.”

Josie stared at him.

“Mark will never agree to meet an ill person.”

Thus, Josie had no choice but to open her mouth.

It was a herbal medicine brew and tasted bitter. Josie wanted to spit it out as soon as she tasted it, but
Arnold ordered, “Swallow it.”

She frowned and tried her best to ignore the taste.

“You seem to trust Dexter a lot, Arnold sneered. His tone carried a hint of jealousy.

“Arnold, thank you,” Josie said suddenly. She was not dumb. She knew it was difficult for someone in
his position to make this decision.

“What caused the miscarriage?” Arnold asked suddenly.

Josie stiffened and could not resist feeling sadness as she thought about the baby that came to her at
the wrong time.

“It wasn’t considered a viable pregnancy. I had an ectopic pregnancy, so I eventually need surgery
anyway.” She felt at a loss and told him her secret.

Arnold’s hand shook slightly. “Does Dexter know?”

Josie shook her head. “I don’t plan to tell him yet.”

Arnold was stunned before putting down the bowl and said, “How can you consider so much for him
when you don’t know what he’s doing? What are you to do if he doesn’t appreciate your effort?”

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