That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 512

Unfamiliar Body

Meanwhile, Dexter gave instructions to Russell Group research team in London

“I will fight to the end if I have to. Therefore, make sure no problem arises with the funds I need

The research team noted his instruction and waited for him to continue

He paused before saying. Tm going to get some sleep. No one is allowed to disturb me

The crowd laughed in good nature.

Dexter slept less than four hours every day for many days now. The urgency of the matter kept him at
work. Even machines could not withstand such work intensity.

He let himself fall onto the soft king-sized bed and buried his face partially in the pillow. He could not
resist checking his phone, but Josie did not call him.

The remorse and longing he had been suppressing surged throughout his mind and rooted deep in his

He had no idea how she was doing.

Forget it. Dexter put down his phone. It feels insincere to explain or apologize over the phone. I might
as well timil until I return home to talk to her.

After a while, he let go of his thoughts and fell asleep.

He had a good sleep.

At dawn, as the sky was about to brighten, Dexter heard soft footsteps in his half-awakened state.

The person seemed careful not to wake him and tried to be as quiet as possible. It was a woman. She
filled the glass on his bedside table with water.

His longing and desire grew with sudden intensity. Dexter smirked slightly and made a daring guess:

Only Larry has a copy of my room card and would not give it to anyone except Josie.

Is she here? Did she come to confront me or to ask questions? It doesn’t matter. Dexter thought
excitedly. It’s a good time for us to communicate.

The woman finished pouring water and hesitated briefly before going to the other side of the bed and
lying beside him.

Dexter did not open his eyes, but the exhaustion from the past few days faded away. He was ready to
make his move.

Since time immemorial, heroes were weak to the charms of beautiful ladies. Dexter was no exception.
He could not resist when the woman he loved was so close to him.

As the woman reached out her hand, Dexter grabbed her wrist and pressed her beneath him with his
lower body. He leaned toward her face and whispered coyly, I’ve been away for so long, Why didn’t you
come to me until now? Could it be because you believed the rumors? Don’t worry. I don’t have feelings
for Summer, but I keep thinking about you. Do you believe.”

Dexter would never let a good opportunity go by. He pulled up the woman’s shirt as he talked and
slipped his hands underneath it.

However, a realization hit him as soon as he touched her body. His expression changed.

Her body was unfamiliar to him.

Dexter immediately got off the bed and turned on the light. The light came on and illuminated Heather’s
pitiful expression.

Her clothes were a mess, and tears fell from her eyes. She looked at him as if he wronged her. “Mr.
Russell. I didn’t know it was you, I came to the wrong room.

Dexter felt an intense migraine as he looked at the mess before him. He was on the verge of collapse.

The desire in his body faded away. His expression turned stern as he buttoned up his shirt. “How did
you get in?”

Even though Heather was sad, she was more fearful of Dexter and answered frankly, “Your door wasn’t

At this moment, Dexter recalled that he was too exhausted last night and forgot to lock the door after
closing it. Anyone could have gotten in.

Dexter picked up his car keys from the bedside table and said solemnly, “No one is to know what
happened here. I mistook you for someone else, and I’m sorry. However, all I can do is apologize.”

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