That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 515

Who Do You Think You Are?

Tll accept that I trusted the wrong person. Josie had always trusted Dexter, even now.

Arnold fell silent. Suddenly, his phone rang. He glanced at the screen and left the room.

Once Josie felt better, she contacted Laura to inform her that she was safe. Then, she sat before the
window in a daze

Russell Group’s situation remained dire. Somehow, her illness let her calm down and think about the


Josie realized Arnold and Summer might not be the only ones behind the matter. There could be more
parties involved.

She took out the divorce agreement from her bag. The parts for names were left blank. She looked at it
and wondered if Xanthe was involved in the troubles with Russell Group.

It was only now that she understood how difficult everything was for Dexter. Every step for him was like
walking on a tightrope.

Arnold finished his call and stood still. “I knew it.”

Coincidentally, his secretary came out of the elevator and rushed to him. “Mr. Carter, have you lost your
mind? That woman is Dexter’s wife. We’ll be in serious trouble if people discover her in our territory.”

Arnold was busy dealing with some matters on his phone and did not look at the secretary. “No one will
know. He never revealed her identity.”

“I know that, but… Her presence is like a time bomb!

Arnold did not respond but typed ‘capture Dexter’ on his phone and sent the message.

“But Ms. Olsen knows who she is. If she finds out Mrs. Russell is here, our plan will be ruined.”

Arnold finally looked up from his phone and warned, “Whether she finds out about it depends on how
well you all can keep your lips sealed.”

The secretary frowned. He kept feeling his boss’ attitude toward Josie was peculiar.

Is Mark coming to Sky Palace for a business gathering in two days?” Arnold asked suddenly.

The secretary considered and answered, “Yes.”

“I need you to arrange something. I’m planning to bring a person in.”

The secretary widened his eyes in shock. “No…. You mustn’t, Mr. Carter. If she convinces him. Dexter
might be able to turn things around.”

“Mark will eventually be swayed. He disagreed with Summer’s method in the first place: Arnold placed
his arms on the railing and looked down at the lively crowd below.

“I will make Dexter pay double for ruining my quarterly profit. I won’t let him get away with it However, it
only took two days for every server in Sky Palace to discover that Arnold kept a woman there


Chapter Sis Who Do You Think You Are?

Although he had fer other wornen stay in Sky Palace before, he had never taken care of them as
attentively as he did to this woman

He instructed the stall to prepare three highly nutritious meate daily, using ingredients flown in from
inverseal. He spared no expense to care for her

Everyone speculated that this woman was weak and sickly

Moreover, Arnold would visit her every day.

Josie spent most of her time sitting in a daze before the window. Her body was so weak that even
talking felt laborious Sull, Arnold was relieved that she survived

You behave as if you’ve been kidnapped. Who would have thought I would become your savior Arnold
said in a joking tone. His face, partially shadowed by darkness, appeared seductive and mysterious

Josie curved her lips. Yes, you saved me many times. I’m afraid I can never fully repay you in this

“Stop right there. Arnold raised his hand. “You need to pay me back in full. I don’t want to hear
nonsense about serving me in my next life.”

“Tll repay you when there is a right opportunity.” Josie found him strange. He saved her life but was
also her enemy. Yet, they got along quite well.

“Arnold.” Josie could not resist asking. “When will I get to meet Mark?”

Arnold arched his eyebrows and leaned toward her slightly. Tve provided you with food and a place to
stay. How could you order me to do something for you? Who do you think you are, Josie!”

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