That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 513

Is It Worth It?

His cold turn was like a stab to Heather’s heart. Tears cascaded down her face like glistening pearls.
She could not resist asking. “Did you think I was Josie?”

Dexter did not stop walking away.

Heather had never experienced so much shame. She willingly gave herself to Dexter just now, but he
would only accept Josie.

Jealousy fermented in her heart. She bit her lip and shouted, “She will never return to you! Don’t you
know? Rumors say she has signed a divorce agreement!

Dexter paused at the door and glared at her. He did not conceal his fury. “Say it again.”

Heather trembled with fear, but it was too late to take her words back. She looked down in silence and
did not dare to repeat her words.

Dexter was still furious. He growled, “I told you to say it again!”

“I only heard about it. That’s what everyone says!”

Dexter dashed forward in a flash and grabbed her neck. His face twisted with madness. “That’s
impossible. She had no reason to sign it. What did you do to her?”

Heather had difficulty breathing under his iron grip. Her face was flushed as she struggled to speak.
“No one forced her. Don’t you know your mother brought the divorce agreement to her? Since your
mother went to see her, she would think your mother’s words represent your stance.”

Dexter refused to believe her and sneered, “What kind of joke is this? She knows me better than
anyone in the world. She will never sign anything Xanthe brings her!”

Still, he was relieved after hearing Heather’s words.

He knew what was rumored did not happen. Josie knew Xanthe’s true nature and had no reason to
trust her.

Even so, he was still a little concerned. He worried that she would be discouraged by the rumors.

Meanwhile, Heather nearly lost all hope. She did not expect Dexter to have so much trust for Josie.

“Mr. Russell, there’s news everywhere about you returning to Wavery to see Summer despite being in
the midst of a crisis. What makes you think she doesn’t know?” Heather sneered mockingly. “Any
woman would be unhappy to see her husband involved with another woman.”

She got off the bed and continued, “I won’t tell her about what happened here, but what do you think
will happen if she finds out from someone else?”

Heather knew psychological manipulation. She was also aware of Dexter’s weakness.

“Mr. Russell, Mr. Carter had said something about you that I found true. You’re always so egoistical that
you think you’re always right.”

Dexter’s confidence wavered slightly as he listened to her.

Meanwhile, Josie slept fretfully in Wavery. She had continuous nightmares and broke out in cold sweat.


She awoke from her dream and saw a middle-aged woman she did not know. The woman brought a
bowl of soup to the bedside table and smiled excitedly when she noticed Josie had woken. “Ms.
Warren, you’re awake!”

Josie shivered and glanced at the unfamiliar room before turning to the woman again. “Where am I?”

The woman was stunned before answering. “You’re in Sky Palace. Mr. Carter brought you here.”

It turned out she was not imagining things. Arnold had grabbed her from Olsen Residence and brought
her here.

“I’ll inform Mr. Carter immediately. The woman put down the bowl in her hand and continued, “But Ms.
Warren, your body is weak, and you have a fever. Please stay here and don’t get up yet.”

Josie was a little out of breath. She looked at the nearby mirror and saw her face was pale as a sheet.

At the same time, she felt a slight pain in her abdomen.

Soon, she heard firm footsteps heading her way. A voice sounded, “Was it worth it to suffer a
miscarriage, a car accident, and stand under the rain for him?”

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