That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 516

I Think It’s Possible

Jose did not respond bus stared at him

Arnold turned his back in her and began walking out of the room. It’s eight o’clock tonight at room

At night, Josie dotted herself up and went to the door. She realized the room she had been staying in
was the room Arnold usually used

The stall warmed room number 412 in advance and rushed around to prepare until Mark appeared
Then a group of people gathered and followed him in. Arnold finally appeared to Josie and said, “Let’s
go in

Josie quickly followed him.

Mark would discuss ways to attract more investment to Wavery with a few people. A few prominent
businessmen sat around the table. Arnold stepped forward and said, “Mr. Olsen, I’ve prepared
something special when I heard you’re coming tonight. Shall I bring in a few vintage wines from my
collection for Everyone?

Arnold was good with words. Moreover, the guests were more than willing to take up his offer.
Someone said, ‘Arnold, you’re such a generous host. No wonder this place is successful!”

Arnold chuckled and indicated to Josie, who was holding the wine bottle, to step forward.

Josie nodded. She wore the server’s uniform and a mask over her face. No one recognized her.

She poured glass after glass of red wine for these prominent businessmen. Then. Arnold excused
himself to leave and left her in the room to serve them.

Someone said, “Mr. Olsen, can you tell us the truth? Will Russell Group be able to continue operating?

Mark sipped the wine and feigned ignorance. “Why do you ask me? How would I know?”

“Enough with the pretense. Who doesn’t know that the Olsen family is involved in this matter?”

“That’s right; I have to say the Olsen family is impressive to strike Russell Group with such a severe
blow At the moment, Dexter can only hide in the United Kingdom, trying to buy time. Who knows how
long he can persist.”

However, if Russell Group were to turn things around, we would have offended it. It would be

to us.”

Mark snorted upon hearing them. “You sly old foxes.”

Everyone laughed.

As for Russell Group, one can’t tell whether it will crumble or survive? Mark did not give a
straightforward answer. “It depends on whether Dexter can secure more funds

I believe he can, Josie said suddenly from the side. Her voice sounded clear as she interrupted the
group of prominent businessmen.

The men were surprised and frowned as they looked at her “You’re only a server. Do you know what
we were talking abour”

“Yes, who doesn’t know what’s happening with Russell Group” Josie replied with a smile. “Everyone
thinks it’s destined to fall, but I believe Russell Group will turn things around and end up victorious I

used to work in a key department in Russell Group, so I know their financial situation. I remember
Dexter has something up his sleeves in his plan to test the businesses in Wavery”

None of the businessmen believed her. Someone frowned and asked, “You worked in Russell Group

“Why are you now working as a server in this place?”

“It’s because I was fired. Josie sighed and gave out a document. It showed her employment record.
However, these businessmen were not entirely convinced. Josie continued, “I was unfairly dismissed.
That’s why I’m willing to tell you all this information.”

“Do you wish to take revenge against Russell Group?”

“I guess you can say that.” Josie nodded. “That’s why I want to remind everyone not to underestimate
Russell Group. Do you know Xanthe Quorn, Dexter’s mother? She returned from overseas with a
significant amount of funds. Which mother wouldn’t want to help her son?”

She said those words to convince them.

The businessmen’s frowns tightened. One of them turned to Mark and asked, “Mr. Olsen, what do you
think? Russell Group is a major tax contributor in Wavery. I believe even the authorities will not let it fall
that easily

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