That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 506

Only She Can Save Him

Xanthe was surprised that Josie was willing to show mercy to him.

Then, she gestured to the bodyguards to bring the taxi driver away. Suddenly, she and Josie were the
only ones in the ward. They looked at each other in silence.

Sunlight filtered through the glass window and shone on the floor. Xanthe placed the document on the
table before reaching up to adjust the IV drip and slow its flow rate.

Then, she sat down and got straight to the point. “Russell Group has capital issues, and Dexter injected
much of his personal fund into it. A foreign investor chose to offer an olive branch this moment, hoping
to invest in Russell Group and obtain shares worth hundreds of millions from him.”

Josie listened to her and only understood partially. She asked indifferently. “What’s your point?”

Xanthe was surprised by how callous Josie was and raised her voice, “Dexter must marry Summer to
solve this crisis.”

Therefore, you must step down.

“I would have understood sooner if you had said this in the first place.” Josie laughed with self-derision.

Xanthe observed the fragile woman before her. She seemed unaffected despite her recent car
accident. Instead, there was an unshakeable sense of calmness about her.

It was Xanthe’s first time regarding Josie closely. She toned down her authoritativeness and said
gently, “I might have admired you if I didn’t meet you through Dexter.

Those words shattered Josie’s self-restraint. She narrowed her eyes and said, “You don’t care about a
woman’s character. Instead, it’s her wealth that you look at. Am I right?”

Xanthe furrowed her brow.

“You worded everything nicely, but you look down on me because of my family background. In other
words, if Summer is lying here in my place, you would not have agreed to let her marry Dexter.”

Josie had long realized this and was tired of feigning ignorance.

Strangely, Xanthe was not troubled. She smirked slightly and replied, “Dexter is not someone an
ordinary person can hope to marry!”

“You never asked what Dexter thinks. Instead, all you care about is what he looks in others’ eyes. I pity
him for having such a power-hungry mother.” Josie paused briefly and continued, “A mother who
abandoned him when he was little and returned once he was reputable to leech off him!”

Xanthe clenched and unfurled her hands a few times. She smiled and swallowed her fury. “I didn’t
come here to quarrel with you.”

She pulled out a newspaper from her briefcase. The headline news was about Russell Group’s recent
situation. It had a photo attached, showing Dexter leaving the scene urgently.

Xanthe showed the newspaper to Josie and pointed at the news. The whole business world knows
about Russell Group’s crisis. An analyst predicts Russell Group will lose everything if Dexter can’t turn
things around. His drastic actions in recent years created many enemies. They are all waiting to strike
Russell Group with a fatal blow.”

Josie did not want to look at the news, but she could not resist reading the whole thing.

Dexter’s situation was worse than she expected.

His burden was far more than one could imagine ever since he took charge of Russell Group. He was
envied and targeted by numerous enemies. Therefore, he could not afford any mistakes at every step.

Xanthe put down the newspaper gently. ‘Russell Group is the accumulation of hard work of several
generations of the Russell family. Thus, necessary sacrifices must be made in this critical period to
protect Russell Group and Dexter.

Josie knew what Xanthe was talking about. Those ‘necessary sacrifices’ included herself.

Xanthe tentatively tightened her grip on Josie’s hand. Since Josie remained silent, Xanthe continued, “I
know it is unfair to you, but fairness does not exist from the moment you marry him. I know you feel sad
and wronged, but we have no choice.”

“Summer is the only person who can save him now. Do you understand?”

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