That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 518

Strike Back

Three days later. Russell Group suddenly received a few capital investments and instantly improved
the company’s situation Dexter was adept in making the most of any opportunities available and made
impactful decisions on the market.

Suddenly, companies that went against Russell Group suffered drastic drops in value in future markets,
foreign exchange markets, and stock markets. Their future market value feil by three percent. Their
foreign exchange markets fell spectacularly by six hundred points. Meanwhile, the stock market value
dropped to two thousand three hundred points from the original three thousand points

Many shareholders sold off their shares and abandoned the ship.

However, many people could not figure out why these companies, which were doing well, suddenly
sank into crisis. Then, Dexter’s representative stepped out publicly and said, “I wonder what those who
harbor ill-intentions against our company feel about our returning gifts.”

It turned out Dexter struck back against them.

Dexter regained his footing after a significant setback and maintained the stability of his position.
Furthermore, he struck back and retaliated against his enemies.

His actions sent fear throughout the business world. Everyone knew this was the real Dexter. He would
never compromise and give in to demands, especially in a marriage alliance.

When he received the news, Arnold was getting breakfast for Josie at a diner.

“I understand.” His reaction was surprisingly calm for someone whose interest was directly affected by


He even smiled at the diner owner after hanging up. “Thank you.”

Arnold’s car traveled toward the apartment. At the same time, his iPad played the day’s news. He
listened to Russell’s group’s spokesperson and thought he had a similar sense of authority and
arrogance to Dexter The spokesperson did not care to hide or deny anything. Instead, he bravely
admitted to what the company did.

Arnold turned off the news broadcast.

Josie had just finished washing up and was surprised when she opened the door. “Did you calculate
my schedule? How did you know I’ve woken up?”

Arnold walked in and placed the breakfast on the plates. “How are you feeling today?

Early morning sunlight shone into the room. The two sat on each side of the dining table and looked
like a couple.

Josie said. “You don’t have to bring me breakfast. I don’t want to trouble you”

Logically, Dester should have been busy today.

He should stay in London to make decisions vital to prevent Carter Group from retaliating and deal with
changes in the market

Everyme thought that was what he would do Unexpectedly, he did not show up even as a few adstants
waited all night for him in the first temporary meeting room. In the end, it was Larry who came to ge
them instructions

“Mr. Russell has returned to Wavery Thus, we will put yeni in charge of surveillance” Larry felt he was
forcing them to do something they were not interested in and added softly. “Take it as a training
opportunity Those who did well shall be promoted as the company’s role model

The assistants were rendered speechless

Thankfully, everything was within expectations. The staff in London could take charge of the situation
even without Dexter watching them.

Meanwhile, Dexter arrived in Wavery and was mobbed by reporters when he exited the airpor

No one knew how they found out about his flight details. Numerous camera lenses were aimed at the
tall and sturdy man dressed in all black.

“Mr. Russell, did you work hard for the past few days for what happened today? Do you have enemies
in the industry?”

“Can you give us details about your plans in the United Kingdom? What will you be doing next

“What is your relationship with Ms. Olsen?”

Each question struck the critical points of the matter.

The bodyguards escorted Dexter as he proceeded forward through the jostling crowd. Unfortunately, he
could not leave as fast as he liked and frowned with frustration. Anger burned within him. When one of
the reporters accidentally hit his fingers with a microphone, he glared at the reporter and asked, “Which
media company are you from?”

The reporter immediately backed down. Other reporters were so frightened by Dexter’s tone that they
dared not ask any more questions.

After that, the bodyguards accompanied Dexter to his ear. He did not care what others thought of him
and stepped hard on the accelerator, making the car speed away like a rocket.

The crowd was confused. Dexter has won, so shouldn’t he be happy? Why does he seem so sullen?

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