That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 519

A Pet Dog

When the news showed up on the TV in Olsen Residence, Summer violently threw the remote control
in her hand onto the floor.

Dexter finally submitted my demands that day and came to Wavery to see me. Yet, everything is now

The servants were shocked. No one dared to make a sound.

Summer had always behaved like a perfect young lady of a prominent family. She was well-mannered
most of the time and rarely lost her cool.

Mark heard noises from the study and walked out with the aid of a walking stick. “What is it this time?
Why so loud?”

Summer stood downstairs. She looked at her father and asked, “Dad, did you provide capital to Russell

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Mark denied it.

“I can’t think of anyone else who would do this., Russell Group was at a dead end and would have
collapsed in a few more days. Yet, how did it suddenly obtain capital investment? Apart from you, I
can’t think of anyone in Wavery who would want to help him!”

Summer’s tone was harsh. Although she had only taken over the Olsen family matters for half a month,
she had the bearing of the head of the family.

Even Mark could not deny that she had good potential. At the same time, he agreed with Dexter that
Summer had no foresight.

“How can there be no one else? Didn’t Dexter’s mother, Xanthe, return to Wavery? She would help her

“That’s impossible!” Summer answered firmly as if she knew the whole truth.

But Mark appeared intimidating even when silent.

Summer realized she had misspoken and added, “What I mean is Xanthe and Dexter don’t get along
and will never collaborate. If she had provided the capital, everyone would have known about it. The
media would surely investigate it.”

Mark looked at Summer and did not indicate whether he believed her. Instead, he advised sincerely.
“Summer, you are too impatient. You can’t succeed this way.”

Summer looked away upon hearing him. “Every major corporation in Wavery and even the nation
would not dare to disrespect you. Would they dare to invest capital in Russell Group without informing

“We will talk again once you have calmed down and are willing to listen.” Mark felt it was useless
speaking to her at this point.

At this moment, the noises of a car sounded from outside the Olsen Residence. It was Zach, bringing
Laura with him. He wore a pair of gold wire-framed glasses and appeared elegant and gentlemanly.
Meanwhile, Laura followed him and dared not speak in such a tense atmosphere.

“What’s wrong? Summer, did you quarrel with Dad again, Zach smiled and tried to act as the mediator.
He patted Summer’s shoulder and said, “What is there to fight about? You should apologize to Dad


Summer glared at him and wrenched her hand from him. She went to Laura. “Was it you?”

Laura pursed her lips at the sudden question. “I don’t understand what you mean.”

“I heard someone come to beg Dad about a matter concerning Russell Group when I wasn’t around.
Did you bring that person in?” Summer smirked mockingly.

Laura nervously touched the tip of her tongue to the roof of her mouth. It seemed Summer had found
out about her and Josie.

“She is a business partner in my studio. I have no choice but to help her.” Laura looked at Mark.
“However… Dad did not meet her.”

“You’re lucky that she didn’t meet Dad!” Summer scolded furiously. “Don’t you dare simply bring anyone
home. Are you the owner of this place? Don’t forget. Who saved you?”

Summer’s words were harsh, but Laura could only swallow her anger. “It’s the Olsen family.”

“Good that you know. Also, who gives you the right to call my father Dad?” No one could stop Summer
when she lost her temper. “You’re nothing more than my brother’s pet dog!”

Pet dog.

Laura trembled with fury.

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