That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 524

Her Sacrifice

Laura’s words prompted the bodyguards to clear the way, ceasing their obstruction as she approached


With resentment, she said, “You were nowhere to be found during that time, but Josie was desperate to
help you. She had gone the extra mile to gather information and ended up in a car accident while trying
to locate you. Unfortunately, she lost her baby, but thank goodness, she survived. So, tell me, where
were you during her hospitalization? How dare you take time out of your busy schedule and return to
the country only to visit Summer Olsen, who was merely running a high fever!”

The mere mention and recollection of this tragic incident resonated deeply within Laura, evoking a
profound empathy for Josie and causing tears to stream down her face. However, as she observed
Dexter’s poker face gradually morphing into anguish, a feeling of solace washed over her.

“Before fully recuperating, she went to great lengths, hauling her weakened body back to Wavery for
your sake! She even waited outside the Olsen Residence in the pouring rain all afternoon, tirelessly
seeking Mark’s help for you! And then ended up falling ill with a high fever!”

I’ve never seen someone as selfless and faithful as Josie. Despite having nothing herself, she goes
above and beyond to help you. Can you imagine where Russell Group would be today without her
relentless efforts?”

“Have you any idea she risked her life to secure those funds for you? Have you ever taken a moment
to consider her feelings and the effort she put in for you?”

Every word and sentence that escaped Laura’s lips struck a chord in Dexter’s heart. Prompting a
heartfelt overflow of emotions surging through him.

“After failing her again and again, do you still think you deserve to seek her out?!”

The man felt an overwhelming heartache; his body weakened, on the verge of collapsing.

Dexter had no clue that it had unfolded in such a manner. During the most critical moment, it was Josic
who orchestrated the financial assistance for Russell Group. In fact, she had selflessly given her all
without any hidden agenda.

Tears cascaded down Laura’s face like glistening pearls, “Please, just let her be… stop tormenting her.
You are the esteemed president of Russell Group, but she is just a regular woman. She can’t afford to
play your rich man’s love games!”

Hadn’t Dexter realized he was the reason for Josie’s indelible sorrow and departure?

Having said that, Laura no longer cared about Dexter’s emotional state. If he felt remorseful, her words
would bring him anguish.

Flashback to that fateful day when the sun remained veiled behind heavy and ominous clouds, an
unexplainable chill engulfed Josic, shattering her heart into pieces.

Josie told Laura, “Even so, I still wish him well, hoping for his success. Despite any obstacles or
hardships he may face, may he overcome them in the end.”

Dexter was unworthy of Josie’s love!

Ultimately, Dexter chose not to board the plane to Rivodia. Instead, he got into his car and raced along
the empty road with the melting snowfall surrounding it. Suddenly, the car skidded and crashed into the

roadside barrier, resulting in a minor collision that knocked off the license plate and caused his car to

Dexter weakly gripped the steering wheel, burying his head in it, reliving the rapid heartbeat and
anxiety he had just experienced.

Was this the very fear that gripped Josie during her car accident? She must have been terrified! God
knows the dreads pain the most!

The highway authorities were on their way upon receiving news about the crash. The tow truck
operators who arrived in response were taken aback by the sight of the posh car in such a horrid state.

What on earth happened? How could the driver bear to crash such an expensive car and see it
damaged like this?

Then, under the dim light, they caught sight of someone seated in the driver’s seat, remaining silent yet
emanating a strong aura. The tow truck operators exchanged glances as they observed the person’s
shoulders trembling uncontrollably…

Is he crying?

They were startled and called out hesitantly, “Uh… Mr. Russell…”

Unbeknownst to them, they had just witnessed an unprecedented event this evening: Dexter crying in a

After an undetermined time, Dexter got out of the car. His face remained stoic and parched with no sign
of tears. Before he got into the car delivered by Moses and accelerated away, he instructed Moses,
“Resolve this issue and ensure absolute secrecy. No one should ever know or speak of it.”

Despite having just experienced an overwhelming emotional release, Dexter managed to stay
composed and clear-headed as he instructed Moses to resolve the matter discreetly.

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