That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 521

Knowing the Truth

Josie woke up from her daze and joked with Arnold. “While I’m reluctant to part with the food here, it’s
time for me to leave.”

Arnold appeared calm and composed. “Josic, I’ve never encountered a woman who abandons people
she took advantage of as efficiently as you do.”

Josie laughed and replied. “I must say it’s not easy to obtain any advantage from you, Mr. Carter.”

Arnold looked at her bag. It seemed empty when she arrived. Thus, it did not contain much when she

He was a little absentminded. “Where are you planning to go after leaving here?”

Josie raised her eyebrows. “I’m going for a checkup at the hospital.”

It was such a standard answer that Arnold had nothing to respond to.

However, Josie did not lie and went to the hospital as she said. She was concerned about the days
when she was weakest and could not care for herself.

Fortunately, the result was all right, and she was recovering well. Still, Josie asked tentatively, “Doctor,
will I be able to have children again with my condition?”

“What are you talking about? You’re still young. Of course, you can have children.”

Josie breathed a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, the situation was tense in Mason Garden.

Dexter grabbed a teacup and threw it against Calvin’s forehead. He did not dodge, and blood flowed
from his wound.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? You should have told me long ago!”

Calvin ignored the pain and remained stubborn. “I believe I’ve made the right decision. You can’t know
about this during that situation.”

Dexter panted with fury. He pressed a hand on the edge of a table to prevent himself from falling.

Josie was pregnant, and it was an ectopic pregnancy. However, the baby was lost before he had a
chance to see her.

Furthermore, she was so stubborn that she did not even try to call him.

“You care too much about Josic. If you had known then, you wouldn’t have been able to focus on
solving the crisis. Russell Group would have been doomed, Calvin explained urgently.

Dexter searched for Josie upon his return to Wavery but could not find her anywhere. Even his phone
calls were answered. He was about to find her through her phone location when Calvin told her what
had happened to her.

The revelation left Dexter feeling as if a knife had torn through his heart.

Even though it was an ectopic pregnancy, it was still a living being. Dexter did not dare to imagine her
loneliness and helplessness as she underwent surgery to terminate that pregnancy.

“Calvin, you’ve made me a heartless man in her eyes!” Dexter feared this misunderstanding would be
enough to drive her to sign the divorce papers.

Dexter began to panic. He never panicked, even while facing the worst of Russell Group’s crisis.

“Josie is an intelligent woman. I believe she will understand.”

“Did she sign it?” Dexter looked up with bloodshot eyes. Panic rose within him.

Calvin frowned and resisted his pain.. “Sign what? Do you mean the divorce agreement? No, Mallory
was with her throughout. Although Xanthe met with Josie, she did not sign it.”

Dexter suddenly felt as if a heavy burden had been lifted from him. She didn’t sign it! Thank goodness
she didn’t sign it.

Calvin felt conflicted as he saw emotions on his best friend’s face that he had never seen before. He
decided to conceal Josie’s car crash from him.

It was because the timing of the car crash was too coincidental, if not peculiar. Dexter would never
forgive himself if he knew about it. Calvin could not bear to let Dexter live with such guilt.

“Where is she?”

“L. I don’t know.”

In the end, Dexter resorted to tracking her phone location.

Josie completed her health checkup and left the hospital to find a black car stopping before her. The
window gradually rolled down.

The wind suddenly blew at her hair, prompting her to turn her face away.

She knew Dexter would eventually find her.

He stepped out of the car and looked at her pale face. He pushed himself to speak with much difficulty.
“Does… it still hurt?”

They used to be tremendously close. Yet, they now stood before each other like strangers.

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