That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 525

Praying to God

The church in Sousturham exuded a serene atmosphere, with only a handful of visitors. Those who
chose to attend the services and bow before the crucifix were devout in their faith.

For several days, Josie accompanied Claudia in prayers and quiet contemplation at the church,
seeking comfort and discovering a sense of inner peace, shielded from the chaos of the outside world.

Sousturham stood majestically, adorned with luxurious mansions owned by affluent families. As a
result, most of those who frequented the church held esteemed positions in society. However, their
devotion and reverence while kneeling before the cross were equally fervent.

“Auntie, do you think God is real?” Josie fixed her gaze on the flickering candle flames, lost in

Having maintained a cynical outlook and never embraced any religious faith, Josie was now
reconsidering her perspective after numerous life experiences. She was inclined to the appeal of such
a possibility if praying to God could bring about a positive impact or change.

“Miracles happen when you believe Him. So, Jo, do not be wary and stop overthinking.” Claudia
dressed modestly, wore a serene expression, and spoke with conviction. “You don’t have to cling onto
what you’ve lost because God will show you the way out if you truly believe in Him.”

Josie pursed her lips and nodded. “Knowing it as a head knowledge is one thing, but fully
understanding and embracing it is another.”

Josie didn’t mention anything about the incidents that caused her to leave her home and be a hermit in
Sousturham church. Claudia didn’t pry either, but she could tell that Josie had just gone through some
harrowing ordeals.

“God will heal you. The sorrow in your heart will fade away with time.” Claudia held a rosary in her hand
and asked, “Does your family know that you came here?”

Josie was taken aback by Claudia’s question.

To pacify her father, she had sent a message stating that she was on a business trip but purposefully
omitted any mention of the Russell family. However, she had briefly explained and confided in Dexter
that she required some solitary time away from him.

“They are aware.”

Claudia picked up a prayer book from one of the pews and handed it to Josie. “You seem troubled.
Why don’t you pray to God and tell him your concerns and see what it leads to?”

Josie hesitated for a moment but decided to give it a try. She walked forward and knelt before the
majestic stained-glass window, holding a prayer book in her hands and closing her eyes.

“God, if you are truly omniscient and compassionate, please comfort my wounded heart and guide me
towards healing. Help me find the strength to overcome the burdens of my past. Amen.”

After uttering her prayer, Josie carefully placed the prayer book back on the pew.

Claudia observed her and gently took her hand. “Come, let’s find solace in the tranquility of the church.
This place is perfect for quiet reflection and contemplation.”

Despite the woman’s hands showing signs of age with wrinkled skin, they exuded warmth. Josie

behind her, feeling a sense of companionship and glad to know she wasn’t alone.

“Auntie, are your legs feeling better? Does your daughter visit you often? Josie asked.

Claudia smiled warmly, her expression tinged with a hint of wistfulness. “As people grow older, even in
good health, it becomes harder for them to venture far. When children grow up, they have their own
commitments and responsibilities. Even if they visit, I can’t always devote as much time to them. As
time passes, their visits become less frequent.”

Josie struggled to grasp the situation fully. If she had a mother figure like Claudia, she would never let
her spend her days alone in the confines of the church.

With a grateful heart, Josie pried, “Auntie, forgive me for being blunt, but do you also yearn for
someone or something that is out of your league?”

Claudia raised an eyebrow, sensing a profound connection with the woman before her. It was as if
Josie could peer into the depths of her soul.

“The person I long for is most likely never returning, Claudia forced a smile, her response tinged with

Josic understood that this person held immense significance to Claudia, driving her to spend her
remaining years within the church’s walls. Sensing the weight of Claudia’s emotions, she refrained from
delving further.

“Find solace in this sacred space. If you seek spiritual nourishment, you can immerse yourself in the
church’s rituals, Claudia whispered, growing fond of Josie’s gentle nature.

Josie beamed a heartening smile, Thank you for your company and advice, Auntie. I find comfort and
contentment in being here.”

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