That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 520

Permission to Hit Her

“Summer, mind your words!” Mark could not stand listening to how she talked and slammed his walking
stick against the floor.

It was not the first time Summer had shamed Laura this way. If Laura had not married Zach, she would
never believe that her once close friend had such a foul mouth. However, Laura had experienced it so
often that she had long become numb.

Perhaps Summer has never regarded me as a friend since the beginning

“Did I say something wrong?” Summer turned to Zach and asked earnestly.

Zach’s expression was livid. He suppressed his anger and muttered, “Summer, you’ve gone too far

I’ve gone too far? All I did was say a few words. Does this mean you care about her?” Summer raised
her head arrogantly. “If you do, why do you drag her to the basement daily to hit her?”

Zach’s expression twisted with fury.

Laura trembled again.

Everyone in the Olsen family knew about Zach’s abuse. However, no one talked about it in the open.

People looked at her with either pity or mockery. Laura felt like she was the family’s punching bag, and
anyone could take their anger out on her. She had never suffered as much as she did now.

Mark was on his way downstairs with a servant supporting him.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Weren’t you tough before this? You even dared to run away from
home I guess you helped Josie because she begged Dexter to save you.” Summer spoke as if she had

everything within her control.

Laura’s eyes grew red. She bit her lip and did not speak.

However, the sight of Laura’s expression angered Summer even more. She recalled how Liana, her
biological older sister, who had been missing for many years, nearly met Mark. The thought made her


She stepped forward and slapped Laura without warning.

The slap rang loud and clear throughout the room.

Everyone was stunned for a while.

“Summer!” Zach gripped Summer’s wrist firmly and shoved her to the side. Even hitting another
person’s dog requires the owner’s permission. Did I permit you to hit her?”

Laura could no longer stand the constant humiliation Tears fell from her eyes. She immediately turned

around and ran out of the Olsen Residence.

“You hit me?” Summer looked at Zach in disbelief. “How dare you hit me?”

Despite being the younger sister. Summer had always lorded it over Zach since they were little. Now,

even dared to hit his wife!

Permission to Hit Her

“What’s wrong with hitting you?”

“Enough! All of you shut up!” Mark watched Laura running away and slammed his walking stick against
the floor. “Enough with all the fighting. What must I do to get some peace in this house?”

Summer and Zach fell silent immediately.

“An older brother who doesn’t behave like one. The same goes for the younger sister. You two have
better reflect on your mistakes!”

Meanwhile, Andy entered Arnold’s office in Sky Palace.

“Mr. Carter, I’ve instructed others on the matter you ordered.” Andy stood before Arnold’s desk and
found him engrossed in a game. “Erm, what about company matters?”

“I’m nearly done with everything. Even if Russell Group manages to revive itself, it will be hard to
retaliate against us. They have lost too much capital in recent days.”

It meant Arnold succeeded in avenging the Carter Group.

“You can leave for now.”

Andy stood still and said, “Dexter is back.”

Arnold finally reacted upon hearing Andy. He paused briefly before tossing the phone to Andy. “Finish
this round for me.


Meanwhile, Josie finished packing her belongings. Her phone rang with numerous unanswered calls.
They were all from Dexter.

She was unsure how much he knew, but the crisis had been resolved since he initiated contact with

All this while, she had missed Dexter desperately and yearned for the opportunity to discuss some
matters with him. Yet, she suddenly did not know how to face him.

“Are you leaving?” Arnold’s voice suddenly sounded near her.

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