That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 522

She Was Exhausted

Josie could not describe her emotion as she faced him, but it felt so overwhelming that she could not

Although she did not blame him, he would never understand the despair she had experienced.

Seeing her silence, Dexter snatched her health report from her and deciphered the doctor’s messy
handwritten notes on the results of her treatments.

The check-up revealed that she was recovering well.

Josie sighed softly and took the report from him. “There’s nothing much. I only have to finish my

Dexter and Josie each had an unusual presence. They soon attracted much attention as they stood

He could not help but notice that she lost much weight.

“Let’s get another check-up to be safe. I should have taken better care of you.”

Josie wanted to laugh and soon found herself laughing. “Dexter, I’m fine.”

They suddenly became like strangers or dance partners meeting for the first time. Both were unsure
about how to face each other or how to dance so that they step on the proper steps.

Dexter was riddled with endless guilt. He carefully lowered his posture and tried to hold her hand.
“”“Will you please come home with me?”

Josie had missed Dexter in their days apart, but now that they had finally met, she felt lost about what
to do.

Can I ignore the hurt and pain I’ve gone through and pretend that they don’t matter?

She could not figure out her feelings. Thus, she shook her head and replied, “I don’t want to follow you
home yet. Can you give me some time alone?”

Dexter was reluctant. His eyes darkened with thought. He was usually proud and sure of himself. Josie
had never seen him so lost and uncertain.


Josie had never felt as tired as she did now. Being Mrs. Russell drained all her energy

“Sure, you can have some time alone. You can contact me whenever you wish to see me.” Dexter
gradually let go of her hand.

– He watched Josie gradually walk out of his sight. Her warmth faded rapidly from his hands. It felt like

had completely removed herself from his life.

Dexter stood still for a long time. The wind blew at his coat. He seemed forlorn standing there by

Josie walked for a long time, unsure where she should go. She wanted to go to her father, but she
knew he would ask many questions if he saw her present state. She did not want to worry him.

Thus, she walked around for a while before going to Sousturham. She did not head to Russell Mansion
to visit Henry but went to a church instead.

Claudia was surprised to see Josie. “Miss, what brings you here? My goodness. Why have you gotten
so thin?”

Josie squeezed out a smile. “Claudia, can I stay with you for a few days?”

“Of course!”

Dexter returned to Russell Group the following day.

Russell Group employees had not seen Dexter for some time and were impressed and comforted by
his stern and powerful presence as he walked past them.

It felt like everything would be fine as long as Dexter was around.

“Mr. Russell, you’re back.”

“Welcome back, Mr. Russell.

“Mr. Russell…”

Dexter glanced at them indifferently and nodded slightly.

The upper management was waiting for him in the office on the top floor. One of them offered his hand
and said, “Mr. Russell, like Mark Olsen, you are also someone with the power to save Wavery.”“

Dexter gave a shallow smile and shook his hand briefly. Then, he took the document his assistant
placed on his table and read the details about the Olsen family’s situation.

The sky was gloomy today. The faint sunlight landed on his handsome face and reflected on the hint of
tears in his eyes.

The members of the upper management connected the dots and guessed why Dexter, who should not
have been back so soon, was now seated in his office.

It had to be because of Josic. There could be no other reason.

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