That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 526

No News of Josie

Since securing the funding. Dexter had practically made the office his second home, spending day and
night there. Larry and the other employees had also been working tirelessly alongside him.

“Seriously… he never gives us a break. Mr. Russell is pushing himself and us to the limit,” one of the
employees grumbled.

“I know, right. Since our company secured the funding, Mr. Russell has lived in the office as if it were
his second home.

“Maybe he can’t afford to fail again…”

Larry walked in with a stack of documents and caught wind of the employees’ murmurs. He furrowed
his brow. “Don’t you all have work to do? Shouldn’t your focus be on your tasks rather than gossiping?”

The room fell into a collective silence as everyone exchanged glances of resignation and helplessness.

“This is a critical period, and it’s important for us to stay united and overcome it,” Larry began, intending
to assure them that everything would improve once Josie returned. However, the words on the tip of his
tongue transformed into, “Things will take a turn for the better soon.”

Whenever Dexter managed to steal a moment away from his demanding workload, he would lock
himself In the seclusion of his private lounge within his office, lost in profound contemplation. Beyond
the windows, the city lights painted a vibrant tapestry of countless lives and homes, reminding him of
the familial warmth that eluded him.

Never before had he yearned for a sense of belonging, a place to call his own, until he met Josie. In
her presence, he discovered a deep-rooted attachment and an earnest longing to build a sanctuary he
could finally call home.

How is she doing in Rivodia? What’s on her mind at this very moment?

Upon returning from the airport that day. Dexter visited his grandfather at the revered Russell Manor.

Within the familiar walls of their ancestral home, Dexter closed his eyes, allowing the weight of Laura’s
words to settle upon his conscience.

Regret washed over him like an unyielding tide as Old Mr. Russell confirmed the tragic incident with a
knowing nod, “Yes, what you’ve heard is true.”

Though they didn’t delve into the specifics, Dexter knew his grandfather keenly understood the
situation. Henry’s comforting hand gently rested upon Dexter’s shoulder, offering solace and guidance.
“Josie is a remarkable woman. I find solace in knowing she stands by your side. Yet, in her presence, a
twinge of unease resides within me”

Dexter absorbed his grandfather’s profound words, feeling their resonance within his soul.

“In the journey of life, striking a delicate balance is key. It’s all about striving for personal fulfillment
while being mindful of the hearts we touch.”

That night, abandoning the comfort of his own bedroom, Dexter sat in the communal study room.
Surrounded by the gentle whispers of raindrops on the roof, he embraced the moment for deep
contemplation and introspection.

In this very room, he vividly remembered the time when Josie had cried after he had angrily scolded

for accidentally displacing Leanne’s photo. Reflecting on his past behavior, Dexter realized how much
of a jerk he had been.

In that very moment, he finally realized the profound depth of his feelings for Josie, ingrained in the
very core of his being.

Two months later.

With the dawn of a new month, news arrived that lifted the spirits of the shareholders who had invested
in Russell Group stocks.

It turned out that a prominent international bank and several investment banks had injected five
hundred million into Russell Group.

Economy analysts believed that this substantial investment would expedite the growth of the domestic
internet industry and rescue Russell Group from its precarious crisis.

Well, calling it a crisis would be an exaggeration.

After a significant period of absence, Dexter finally made his appearance before the media. He
appeared much composed, and with a commanding gaze, he silenced the room.

He addressed the crowd. I welcome formidable rivals and competitors on the condition that their power
is genuine and not just empty bravado,”

With that, Dexter succinctly clarified his prolonged silence. Should a battle arise, he would firmly hold
his position.

It appeared that the man who had been subdued by life, temporarily concealing his sharpness and
astuteness, had now resurfaced with renewed wit and strength.

As he settled into the car, Moses nodded in understanding, fully cognizant of their intended destination.

Dexter was swamped with work. During a discussion with Larry about a business matter, he asked
furrowed, “Do you think the Carter Group will continue their attacks?”

“Nope. Russell Group stocks haven’t hit rock bottom. They won’t take action for the time being. Dexter
replied, feeling the pressure building.

He had a gut feeling that the Carter Group had meticulously planned their moves and wouldn’t easily
back down. They might even escalate their actions.

“Any updates?” Sitting in the backseat, Dexter suddenly asked.

Larry fell silent for a moment. “Not yet. Our intelligence team has been scouring Rivodia, but we
haven’t received any news.”

The car came to a halt, and outside the window, the roadside trees displayed a deep shade of yellow.

Autumn had arrived, a season that often evoked a sense of melancholy in people.

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