That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 523

You Can’t Go

They all knew all too well that nothing would happen to Dexter. In other words, he would never let
anything happen to him. Even though he was heartbroken, he would still shoulder his responsibilities
without fail. That was everyone’s impression of Dexter as the head of Russell Group.

Suddenly, Larry rushed into the office. “Mr. Russell, I’ve been informed that Mrs. Russell is missing.”

Dexter widened his eyes.

“What did you say?”

“A reliable source said she left Wavery.”

I should have known she planned to leave me when she said she wanted time alone.

Dexter suppressed his hurt and forced his rational mind to take over. He gave two orders.

They would launch an attack on Carter Group and search for Josie.

Josie had likely left recently. Thus, Dexter ordered immediate and thorough searches at the airport and
high-speed rail station.

Then, Dexter withdrew from work and spent some time alone before heading to the airport.

One of the people he assigned to find Josie found many plane boarding passes under her name. It
seemed she deliberately did not want them to find her. That further confirmed his theory that she left

However, no one knew which flight she boarded.

The airport was always busy and noisy as many people moved about. Dexter stood among the crowd
and looked at the boarding passes printed with Josie’s name. He fell into a daze.

Does she hate me that much?

He knew he was a step too late. No matter his excuse, it would not change that he should not have
been late.

Most of the subordinates with Dexter had been working for him for many years. They had never seen
him in such an emotional state. Although he appeared calm, his heart was shattered.

News about Dexter’s search in the airport soon reached the airport’s upper management. When the

in charge heard that Dexter wanted to know which flight Josie boarded, he got out of bed in the middle
of the night and personally investigated the plane she boarded.

He found her.

It turned out that Josie boarded a flight to Rivodia.

Still, Dexter’s frown did not relax. He could not figure out why she would want to go there. At the
moment, he guessed she planned to switch flights to make her harder to trace.

Thus, her destination was still a mystery. They had no choice but to continue the search in Rivodia.

Dexter’s eyes darkened. “We’re going to Rivodia!”

Someone immediately left to make arrangements. At the same time, a clear and bright voice sounded.
“You can’t go!”

Dexter glanced toward the voice and saw a slightly haggard Laura,

Laura received news about Dexter’s search for Josie and rushed to the airport. She was relieved that
she caught up with Dexter.

She hurried over and stood before him. She forced herself to ignore her fear of him for the first time
and said, “What I mean is you are not fit to go to her!”

Dexter looked at her indifferently. “Why?”

His indifferent tone angered Laura even more. “Don’t you feel any remorse for what you have done

“Did you not feel any guilt when you visited Summer? Dexter, how can you be so unreasonable?”

A group of bodyguards blocked Laura from getting closer and ensured she could not hurt Dexter.
Dexter heard her protest and replied flatly, “I will apologize to her in person.”

He turned around to head to the boarding area.

Laura’s eyes were red as she shouted, “You think an apology is enough to cancel all the hurt you
caused? What a joke!”

Dexter did not pause or slow down until Laura screamed. “She nearly died in a car crash because of
you! Is that still not enough?”

Dexter stiffened. His eyes were slightly red as he turned around in disbelief. His voice was as cold as
ice. “What did you say?”

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