That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 527

Tit for Tat

On this occasion, a social gathering was underway. Dexter personally hosted a banquet at the
Mandarin Oriental Hotel, accompanied by the top executives of Russell Group.

Among the attendees were some of the city’s most influential and affluent individuals.

Over the past few months, Dexter had tirelessly engaged with numerous influential figures in his quest
to revive the economy of Russell Group. Some negotiations bore fruit, while others faltered. Rest was a
luxury he couldn’t afford, as he was wholly committed to stabilizing the company.

As an outsider, Josie couldn’t bear to witness him in a state of despair, especially considering the
efforts she had made for him and Russell Group.

Around the bend, a sleek black official car with a distinctive license plate glided into view. Without a
hitch, it smoothly bypassed a police checkpoint, evading any need for a breathalyzer test.

Then, the car pulled up before Dexter and the others. The personal assistant sprang into action,
alighting from the vehicle and graciously opening the rear door. Stepping into view, a man in his forties
or fifties emerged from the shadows, his face sharp and his hair graying gracefully. Leaning on the
support of a woman, he greeted Dexter with a firm handshake, “Hi, Mr. Russell.”

“We are truly honored to have you join us this evening, Mr. Perkins,” Caesar, Wavery’s third–in–
command, expressed with a smile.

Dexter reciprocated the smile until his gaze fell upon the woman beside Caesar. His smile subtly faded,
sensing an unspoken tension in the air.

The woman instinctively averted his scrutiny and gracefully took a step back.

The man and woman proceeded to greet the attendees, shaking hands with the crowd. At the same
time, Caesar directed his attention toward the grand hall of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. “Choosing
such an exquisite venue, Mr. Russell, are you trying to damage my reputation?”

“Everyone in Wavery knows that Mr. Perkins is renowned for his integrity and transparency. I have
meticulously taken care of every detail. The food and beverages comply with all regulations and
standards. Even in the event of an investigation, there won’t be any issues,” Dexter replied with a
subtle smile, motioning for Caesar to continue.

Caesar playfully scrutinized him for a moment before following the waiter’s lead and stepping forward.
“I have witnessed Mr. Russell’s capabilities, so I can certainly put my mind at ease.”

Dexter had explicitly requested that no entertainment facilities be provided on the hotel’s top floor.

After three rounds of drinks, Caesar kept a clear head and disclosed the news Dexter had been eagerly
awaiting. “The Carter Group has secured the project in the city. The official announcement is set to be
made within the next three days. To prevent any potential mistakes or loopholes that Russell Group
could exploit, Mr. Carter has taken the preemptive step of canceling the bidding ceremony and blocking
any possible interference.”

Dexter raised an eyebrow upon hearing this, showing little surprise, “I understand. After all, Russell
Group made mistakes in the previous project, so it’s only reasonable for the higher–ups not to choose

He casually reached for the teapot on the table and poured tea for Caesar. “Who is Arnold’s immediate
supervisor in the municipal government?”

Caesar, known for his intuition and sharp senses, shook his head. “We don’t have the answer yet. It’s
still a mystery in Wavery

“A mystery!”

Dexter took a cigarette from the box, not bothering to light it, and leisurely savored its aroma, “It won’t
remain a mystery for long.

Caesar furrowed, “What do you mean?”

“The office director’s retiring soon. He’s got his family all sorted for their overseas plans. He’s looking to
cash in on this project in his final days on the job. The city’s putting three hundred million on the table,
but from what I’ve heard, the Carter Group’s only getting a slice of up to one–fifty. So, what’s happening
to the leftover moolah?”

Dexter deftly directed the conversation, observing Caesar’s shifting expression.

Dexter tossed the cigarette into the trash bin, keeping his thoughts hidden. “Do you think Arnold can
successfully complete the project with a budget of just one hundred and fifty million?”

Caesar got the hint of Dexter’s strategy. “Looks like you’re gearing up for a direct confrontation.“

Dexter neither confirmed nor denied it. He glanced past Caesar at the woman who had silently stood
by all along, “Mr. Perkin’s assistant seems oddly familiar. I have a feeling I’ve seen her before.”

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