That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 529

Never Thought of Divorce

Desser shoved her hand away with an annoyed face, “Without evidence, it’s best not to make


But it was evident he had deliberately cut off the suppliers Xanthe had painstakingly established. Now,
they all conveniently refused to work with her, making it incredibly difficult for her business to survive.

The suppliers claimed they couldn’t trace the source, but Xanthe knew it was the work of Dexter, her
supposedly loving son!

She sneered, “Well, look at you now, Dexter, how things have changed. But let’s not forget, that it was
me who supported you financially when the Russells were struggling Without my help, you are nothing

Dexter glanced sideways, a mocking smile playing on his lips. “And what about before that?”

Xanthe was taken aback by his imposing presence and defensively retreated, “What do you


“When Rusell Group was on the verge of collapse, weren’t you involved in bringing it down as well?”
Dexter furrowed, and a sudden realization dawned on him. “Oh, and let’s not forget Yanis too, One is
my biological mother and the other is my uncle. You both never hesitated to plot against me, did you?”

Xanthe was shocked, momentarily speechless. How had Dexter discovered the truth about their

With a disdainful expression, he chided, “You only started trying to cozy up to me after you saw that I
didn’t give up,”

Dexter saw through all of her manipulative tactics and hidden motives.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I haven’t done anything!” She avoided eye contact, her anger

“What about the divorce papers you sent on my behalf to Josie? Dexter’s voice rose abruptly, and
Xanthe was shocked as she stepped back. I never once considered divorcing her. How dare you
involve her in this!”

“How could you? Josie had just undergone major surgery. Xanthe Quorn. Your entire existence
revolves around manipulating others and inflicting pain!”

The mere thought of Josie coming across the divorce papers while she was already going through so
much physical and emotional turmoil filled Dexter with heartache. He never wanted to let her down.

Who were these meddlers with no business interfering in their relationship and creating chaos?!

“Hah. Josie?” Xanthe sneered. “It was for your own good! Russell Group would have been doomed if
you hadn’t entered a strategic marriage with Summer Olsen then. Don’t you remember that?!”

“If you hadn’t returned to Wavery and seen Summer, how would I have had the opportunity and guts to
manipulate the divorce papers and send them to Josie?!”

“Now, Dexter, you understand what it’s like to have your heart broken. Does that automatically make
you innocent and absolve you of any involvement?”

Standing beneath the streetlight, the man emitted an icy aura, his eyes brimming with indescribable

None of this would’ve happened if he hadn’t returned to Wavery to see Summer.

At that time, he had callously disregarded Josie’s feelings, which led to the current chaos.

Dexter loathed himself more than anyone else.

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Silence hung in the air as Xanthe pressed, “Guess what Josie said when I handed her the divorce

Dexter’s heart constricted as if someone were squeezing it. He responded with solemnity.

Xanthe enunciated every word, “She said she would give it careful consideration.”

Dexter was overwhelmed with sorrow. He closed his eyes, trying to envision the moment Josie’s heart
turned cold and desolate upon seeing the divorce papers.

After briefly pausing, he opened his eyes and gestured for Larry to pass him a folder. He extracted a
stack of photographs from within and held them up before Xanthe. “Take a good look at these and
never come near me again. Don’t disturb Grandpa either.”

Dexter tossed the photos at her.

Xanthe frowned, her legs nearly giving way as she glanced at the images. In the photos, a group of
burly bodyguards surrounded a frail man, mercilessly beating him while he lay defenseless on the

The pictures were crystal clear and showed evidence of injuries.

That man was left half–dead following the brutal assault

Upon closer inspection, one could discern a resemblance to Dexter in his facial features.

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